Miscarrying women urged to try again

Women who have suffered a miscarriage do not need to wait a few months before trying again, doctors said today.

Those who conceive again within six months of a miscarriage have the best chances of having healthy pregnancies and fewest complications.

They are also far less likely to go on and have another miscarriage, the study found.

This is despite many NHS doctors currently advising women to wait at least three months, with the World Health Organisation saying they should wait six months before trying for another baby.

The latest study is especially important for women over the age of 35 because they are more likely to have trouble conceiving and have a higher risk of birth defects, according to the study, published online in the British Medical Journal.

A team led by scientists at the University of Aberdeen analysed data for almost 31,000 women who had suffered a miscarriage and become pregnant again.

Compared with those who had a six- to 12-month interval before becoming pregnant again after miscarriages, those who conceived within six months were 44 per cent less likely to have another miscarriage.

They were also 52 per cent less likely to have an ectopic pregnancies or terminations.

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