Morrisons abandons high-tech checkout system - they’re now going to LOOK to see how many are queuing

Morrisons chief executive David Potts
Morrisons chief executive David Potts
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Morrisons has ditched its infrared queue managment system, determining how many checkouts it should keep open.

Starting from today Morrisons is to stop using the Intelligent Queue Management (iQM) system in its stores.

The system was used to determine how many checkouts to keep open at the Bradford-based retailer’s supermarkets, using infrared sensors that determine how many customers are flowing through the store.

Now checkout teams will be asked to use their eye and experience to meet their customer needs.

This response comes after Morrisons’ retail team and chief executive, David Potts, listened to colleagues and customers to understand how to make the checkout experience better for customers and for staff.

They concluded that Morrisons’ checkout teams would make better and more balanced decisions compared to the iQM computer system.

Mr Potts said: “We intend to be an organisation that listens very hard to its customers and staff and, wherever possible, responds quickly.

“Our colleagues in our stores are best placed to use their experience and personal judgement in deciding how best to serve their customers, keeping queues low at the checkouts and improving the customer’s shopping trip.”

The supermarket will also stop using ‘scan rate’ which measures checkout staff performance, by calculating how many products they scan per minute.

Instead they will be mainly measured on their level of personal service and teamwork.