Nearly 200 arrested after bikers’ 
gang shoot-out leaves nine dead

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More than 190 people have been arrested and a restaurant has been closed after a shoot-out between rival motorcycle gangs left nine bikers dead in Texas.

Waco police said the Twin Peaks restaurant has been closed for a week amid safety concerns.

Police said the deadly gunfire broke out following a dispute in a bathroom that moved into the car park. Police say 18 bikers were wounded.

Sergeant W Patrick Swanton said 192 people were being booked on charges of engaging in organised crime.

Mr Swanton also said law enforcement would continue to guard the town after receiving threats overnight from various biker groups.

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, responsible for alcohol regulations and compliance, closed Twin Peaks for seven days.

The violence erupted shortly after noon in a Twin Peaks restaurant at a busy shopping centre where members of at least five rival gangs had gathered for a meeting, Mr Swanton said.

Preliminary findings indicate a dispute broke out in a bathroom, escalated to include knives and firearms, and eventually spilled into the restaurant car park, according to police.

“I was amazed that we didn’t have innocent civilians killed or injured,” Mr Swanton said.

The interior of the restaurant was littered with bullet casings, knives, a club, bodies and pools of blood, he said.

Authorities were processing the evidence at the scene, south of Dallas.

About 150-200 bikers were inside during the shoot-out, and at least 100 were detained, authorities said. It was not immediately clear how many were arrested.

Parts of central Waco were locked down, and officials stopped and questioned motorcycle riders.

Police and the operators of Twin Peaks were aware of the meeting in advance, Mr Swanton said, and at least 12 Waco officers in addition to state troopers were outside the restaurant.