Neighbours from hell have the heat turned up on them

NEIGHBOURS from hell have been warned they face a zero-tolerance stance from a Yorkshire council after the latest legal challenges saw two tenants evicted from their homes.

York Council's tenancy enforcement team has evicted the two tenants after they caused years of nuisance to their neighbours.

Officers took possession of the two properties in the city after they received a series of complaints from neighbours.

York Council's executive member for neighbourhood services, Coun Ann Reid, admitted that the authority often found it challenging to collate evidence in many cases of nuisance neighbours.

But Coun Reid added: "We are very grateful to residents who do come forward to help us. It is often very intimidating for them because of who they are living next to, but we will do all we can to help.

"We will take action and prosecute, and the council is committed to helping residents in any way that it can."

One of the properties involved in the court cases was in Dale Street off Nunnery Lane, which was the home of 39-year-old Andrew Reid. A possession order was granted at York County Court. Reid was convicted and jailed for six months at York Crown Court after he was found guilty of threatening violence towards neighbours.

Officers from York Council also took possession of a property at Prospect House on Bishophill Junior earlier this month, where 36-year-old Daniel Laverack was living.

The council was given immediate possession of the property at York County Court.

The court's verdict followed a decision by York Magistrates' Court to approve a Premises Closure Order on the council-owned flat.

The order allowed the property to be closed to Laverack, his associates and any other visitors for a total of three months.

Laverack is currently serving a prison sentence for a string of offences including burgling a neighbour.

York Council has made significant efforts to deal with neighbours from hell, and a noise patrol service was launched five years ago.

Its officers have been responsible for a series of successful prosecutions across York.