New documentary to capture ‘Hockney’s magic’

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YORKSHIRE artist David Hockney is to be the subject of a feature-length documentary.

The 105-minute film will be released in cinemas in November, before being aired on BBC Two next year.

the film has been made by the team behind the award-winning film, Lucian Freud: Painted Life and promises a “definitive exploration of one of the most important artists of his generation.”

At the age of 77, he is still working in his studio seven days a week.

The film chronicles Hockney’s long career, from his early life in working-class Bradford, where his love for pictures was developed through his admiration for cinema, to his relocation to Hollywood.

He has always returned to spend Christmas at his mother’s house in Bridlington, and from 2004 spent increasing lengths of time there, painting and drawing the Yorkshire Wolds. His hugely popular Royal Academy exhibition in 2012 attracted sell-out crowds and singlehandedly bought the attention of the world to the Wolds.

Filmmaker Randall Wright said: “It’s been said that there was something of the holiday about David Hockney, that, despite personal loss, he sees the world with holiday eyes, as if for the first time.

“I wanted to capture this attitude without taking away the mystery and magic of a great artist.” Mark Bell, head of arts commissioning, said: “Hockney’s career spans continents and eras - from wartime Bradford to California via Swinging London, then triumphantly back to Yorkshire.

“There have been many films about Hockney but this portrait is unprecedented, with unique access to his work, his archive and reminiscence from the people who know him best.”