New licence for social club under fire over ‘sex in street’ drinkers

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ALLEGATIONS that drinkers have been defecating, fighting, vomiting and having sex in the street have been dismissed by members of a Yorkshire council, which voted to approve a new licence for a controversial social club.

People living in the Barnsley village of Wombwell had objected to the application from KG’s Sports Bar and Social Club for a new licence, which would permit the venue to open as an ordinary pub rather than just to members.

Opponents included the Reverend Nigel Elliott, from St Mary’s Church in Womwell, who said members of the church committee “regularly” need to clean up “human vomit, urine and excrement” from the churchyard in order for community groups and children to use the church hall.

He added that revellers using a private road through the churchyard as a cut-through to access the club could create “difficulties when weddings and funerals are taking place.”

However, members of Barnsley Council’s licensing board have agreed to grant the new licence regardless of the public outcry – a decision welcomed by applicant and owner Hazel Pilkington, who said the allegations were untrue.

“Despite all these false accusations, it’s all sorted now”, she said.

“It wasn’t very nice to hear what people were saying.”

The newly-granted licence permits the bar to open up until 2am, although Mrs Pilkington said that the premises would usually shut at about 11.30pm and only use the later licence for private functions and parties.

A total of 20 residents of Wombwell wrote to Barnsley Council prior to the licensing board meeting on Wednesday, July 11, making their objections known.

One letter, signed by several residents of Kelvin Grove, said: “Since KGs became the Sports Bar and Social Club, the crinimal damage caused during the weekends and bank holiday to properties and cars has been immense.

“Acts of a sexual nature occur on the street at all hours of the day. We have children living on the street that have been witness to this kind of behaviour.

“We have to deal with our cars being vandalised, glasses smashed all over the road, vomit and other bodily fluids.

“We have had a number of people coming into the garden and witnessed them urinating on our property.

“We have to clean up empty glasses, bottles and general waste.”

They added: “This street was always a quiet and peaceful street with no bother, and a place where our children were safe to play. This is no longer the case.”

Another objector said: “I live in flats near KGs and people come banging on doors at all hours.

“The noise is bad at weekends. I have seen men and women urinating near our door, and it’s worse at bank holidays.”

One opponent told the licensing board: “I don’t need the hassle every day.

“My car has had wing mirrors smashed four times now.

“There are beer and glass bottles in my garden, and vomit up my gate.”

Before making their decision, councillors also considered a letter of objection from one resident who said the “number trying to get into the club is so large that they fill the full width of the street.”

They added: “Earlier this year, two men were so determined to fight that it took some time for their friends to separate them. There was a lot of noise.

“Sometimes, blows are struck. I was driving down the street past a group on the pavement, when two men who were fighting fell onto the road just in front of my car and continued to thump one another.

“I had to back out of the way and wait for the police to arrive before I could garage my car.”

The board’s decision means that KG’s Sports Bar and Social Club can now serve alcohol to members of the public from 11am until 2am, seven days a week.