NHS officials: Let’s remove the lot of them

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From: Duncan L Long, Coxley Crescent, Netherton, Wakefield.

THE letter “Take away their NHS laptops” (The Yorkshire Post, November 29) makes the point (correctly) that few, if any, NHS officials ever have contact with a patient.

Having met many such officials over a six-year period, I would say the only rectification of any merit would be to 
remove the lot of them from their many and various pointless positions.

I once had the unedifying experience of being present when one such official 
came rushing out of her office to race across the foyer of Mid Yorkshire Trust’s then admin block to greet a sales rep. Jumping up and down in a business suit clearly two sizes too small and quivering like a jelly she began to shriek at the top of her voice: “Laptops, laptops, laptops we’re crying out for laptops.

“Everyone wants a laptop! Tell me you have brought us laptops?”

The demure young lady rep, looking like it was her first day in the job, was clearly as embarrassed as I to witness such a shallow, demeaning and unprofessional spectacle.

It was probably the case also that the young lady rep had a degree in podiatry but no intention of going near anyone’s feet.