No skin surgery for ‘obese’ man who lost 17 stones

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A man who transformed himself from being Britain’s fattest teenager to a super-fit exercise enthusiast, claims the NHS won’t remain his excess skin because he’s now so muscular he’s classed as obese.

Jacob Horner, 20, weighed 28 stone at just aged 16 due to a diet of takeaways, but lost 17 stones after combining a healthy meals with trips to the gym.

But losing so much weight left him with folds of excess skin he is desperate to get removed.

He claims he has been denied the surgery three times, because his BMI still lists him as obese due to heavy muscle weight, ruling him out of surgery.

Mr Horner, of Doncaster, said: “Because of my fitness regime I still have a BMI over 25, the limit for what’s considered ‘healthy’, because of muscle weight.

“I’m being penalised now because I’m too fit, so I’ve had to start shedding muscle weight now to get the operation.

“It’s wreaked havoc on my confidence, I should be enjoying my weight loss but instead I feel paranoid about the excess skin I still have.”

Mr Horner, has scaled back his five times a week gym routine to try to lose muscle weight in order to qualify for surgery in the future.

He said the excess skin has knocked his confidence, affected job prospects and relationships.

The Doncaster Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) said it does not have any clinical data about Jacob to be able to make a decision on his individual case.

A spokesman added: “We can commission surgery but it will depend on the individual’s circumstance.

“We would advise that he goes to see his GP as there is funding available to pay for surgery following extreme weight loss but there are criteria to meet.

“He needs to discuss his situation and that would be the best starting point.”