November 27: Trident is a Cold War relic set to cost us billions

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From: Kate Barnes, Yorkshire Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Ashgrove, Bradford.

THE Government has just announced in its Strategic Defence and Security Review that four new Trident submarines will cost an additional £6bn, bringing the total costs of replacing the UK nuclear weapons system to a staggering £183bn.

Trident is a Cold War 
relic that simply has no 
military use in today’s world 
of threats from terrorism, climate change or cyber 
attack, not to mention the immorality and illegality of a weapon that directly targets civilians of an entire region of the world.

This is the single largest public spending decision this Parliament, and its time the majority of the population voiced the opposition that they feel.

Those who think that the plan to spend £183bn on Trident while people in this country rely on food banks, and our NHS crumbles under the strain, should join us in Yorkshire CND now.

There will be no time for regrets after the vote in Parliament on Trident next year – we must ensure we make the most of this historic opportunity right now, and come onto the streets for the demo in London on February 27.