Nuisance bikers are meeting their match 
in new off-roading PC

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POLICE are stepping up their fight against crime in remote areas of a rural beat.

Members of the Bingley and Worth Valley neighbourhood policing team are going off-road in an effort to stop nuisance motorcyclists.

PC Richard Oddy has completed an off-road motorbike course which enables him to patrol more remote areas and farmland.

He says it will assist in getting to otherwise inaccessible areas whilst strengthening the effectiveness of the existing Farmwatch scheme.

“If we hear from the community that there are individuals illegally riding off-road bikes or quads, we can quickly respond.

“It has already proven a valuable asset. On Saturday for instance, I was I able to use our off-road bike to stop and seize a motorcycle which was being driven in a nuisance manner.

“This increased capability has already received positive reaction from our existing Farmwatch members and we are hoping the accessibility of the bike will work to encourage more into the scheme.”

He said Farmwatch members would be seeing more of him in the coming months. “We currently have over a hundred members which is having a genuine impact on crime,” he said.

“The fact that I will now be able to patrol these rural areas using the off-road police bike will complement and support this.

“Previously, we have relied upon four wheels, however, the off-road bike will allow us to access unmade paths and farm tracks.

“It also makes it much easier for the neighbourhood policing team to keep in touch with residents who live in remote areas and discuss any concerns they may have.”

He said police were determined to stop the nuisance bikers.

“This activity can have environmental consequence and we are determined to stamp it out. Those who ride these vehicles often cause damage to people’s land and also wildlife habitats.

“Equally, they can impact on the quality of life for locals through the noise they create.

“By sharing information and updates on what is happening in rural areas, it offers security and reassurance.”

You can contact your local neighbourhood policing team through the non-emergency number 101.