Brenda Gilling, Wildlife advocate

BRENDA GILLING, who has died at 92, was responsible in no small measure for the transformation of many of Yorkshire’s 1,300 churchyards into sanctuaries for wildlife.

Bill Major

Bill Major, artist and photographer

Bill Major, who has died at 83, was an artist and photographer who captured many and varied images of Yorkshire life in an individual and idiosyncratic style.

Julia Strother

Julia Strother, musician and artist

Julia Strother, who has died at 65, was a watercolour artist and a talented blues and rock singer and musician who toured the north of England with her own band in the 1980s.

Sir Bruce Forsyth after he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II during an Investiture ceremony at Buckingham Palace, London.

Goodbye to Sir Bruce Forsyth, Britain's heavyweight of light entertainment

FOR SIX decades he was a heavyweight among Britain’s light entertainment elite. But he could so easily have been a tobacconist.
Professor Geoffrey Sims in 1974

Geoffrey Sims, University vice-chancellor

A former vice-chancellor who led Sheffield University for nearly two decades has died aged 90.

Maurice Finnigan

Maurice Finnigan, businessman

Maurice Finnigan, who has died at 82, was a well-known business leader in Scarborough, who established the JH Sinclair furniture store on Falsgrave Road 55 years ago.

Kevin McNamara (left) is made a Freeman of Hull, by the Lord Mayor, Coun. Jim Mulgrove.

Kevin McNamara, long-serving Hull MP

Kevin McNamara, who has died at 82, was the MP for Hull North from 1966 to 2005, and served for eight years as shadow Northern Ireland secretary, during some of the provinces’s most troubled times.

Jess Jameson

Jess Jameson, music teacher

Jess Jameson, who has died at 89, was a renowned music teacher and a key figure in the development of the Mrs Sunderland Music Festival, the annual Huddersfield event named after the 19th century local soprano, Susannah Sunderland.

Rebecca Hind

Rebecca Hind, royal artist

The work of the Yorkshire-born artist Rebecca Hind, who has died at 59, graced the walls of numerous sacred buildings around the world, and her talent attracted the attention of both Prince Charles and the Queen.

John Rix

John Rix, businessman

John Rix, who has died at 82, was the chairman of J R Rix & Sons Limited, the Hull group of companies specialising in petrol, shipping, vehicles and leisure homes.

Doris Schrecker

Doris Schrecker, artist

Doris Schrecker, who has died at 87, was an artist, born in the West Riding, who travelled across Europe with her German cellist husband, painting landscapes as she went.

Jack Talling

Jack Talling, aquatic scientist

Jack Talling, who has died at 88, was an outstanding aquatic scientist and fellow of the Royal Society, who undertook pioneering research on the large and small lakes of the African Rift Valley and in the English Lake District.


From Harry Potter to a Yorkshire vet... the remarkable career of Robert Hardy

TO A generation of viewers he was the quintessential, curmudgeonly, Yorkshire vet - yet Robert Hardy was a man with many strings to his bow... particularly if the bow came with a quiver of arrows.

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Rt Rev Graham Foley

Rt Rev Graham Foley, former Vicar of Leeds and Bishop of Reading

The Rt Rev Graham Foley, who has died at 94, was a former Vicar of Leeds, Canon of Ripon Cathedral, Queen’s Chaplain and Bishop of Reading who enjoyed a parallel, unofficial, career on the after-dinner circuit, charming Yorkshire’s bankers and financiers with his repartee.

Sam Shepard

Sam Shepard, actor and playwright

Sam Shepard, who has died at 73, was a Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, Oscar-nominated actor and celebrated author whose plays chronicled the explosive fault lines of family and masculinity in the American West.

Jim Hebden with two apprentices.

Jim Hebden, fisherman and tutor

Jim Hebden, who has died at 75, was a mentor to many young apprentices finding their way into the fishing industry at Whitby.

Gary Waller

Gary Waller, former MP

Gary Waller, who has died at 72, was not only a Yorkshire MP twice over but also a leading light in the movement to take the Yorkshire Society down south.

Dick Watson

Dick Watson, construction firm boss and Doncaster Rovers president

DICK Watson, who has died at 75, was the stuff of legend in South Yorkshire, a construction firm titan who became president and joint owner of Doncaster Rovers and oversaw a golden era in its history.

Ratna Lachman

Ratna Lachman, civil rights activist

Ratna Lachman, who has died at 60, following a cancer diagnosis, was a human rights and civil liberties campaigner who helped run the charitable organisation, JUST Yorkshire, lobbying for racial justice in the county.

Bill Maxwell

Bill Maxwell, travel industry veteran

Bill Maxwell, who has died at 69, was a stalwart of the travel industry, who rose from the status of “ten pound Pom” to that of commercial director for the coach firm, Wallace Arnold.

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