October 20: Tax credits are key lifeline for many families

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From: Ann Hutchings Red Briar, Morton on Swale.

AS a volunteer at a branch of the CAB for 12 years, I knew that the tax credit system was a valuable lifeline for many families. They were required to work or 30 hours a week (which could be a shared commitment) so it was not an easy option for benefits. It gave people an incentive to find work, even if it was on low pay.

From: Gillian Charters, Knaresborough,

I AM very concerned about the effect on many low-paid families of removing tax credits.

Having more children growing up in poverty is not the way to ensure a high-wage economy in the future.

Many people voted Conservative because they saw a commitment to helping poorer families in their manifesto. Removing tax credits reneged on this.

From: Tony Smith, Holborn Towers, Leeds.

PLEASE help us stop these financial cuts to the poorest in society.

From: Wendy Stephenson, Lairs Lane, Scarborough.

STOP the Government penalising hard working low paid workers. They gave incentives to encourage people back to work now they want to claw back funds.

From: David Richards, Charles Street, Bingley.

I’M writing to you because I’m worried that many hard working families could be pushed into poverty if the Government’s cuts to tax credits go ahead. These tax credits help people afford essentials such as food, winter clothing and school necessities for the kids.

From: Rita Garlovsky, Oak Hill Road, Sheffield.

I AM absolutely astounded at the complete stupidity of this Government policy. It makes no sense to attack the poor in this way.

People who need tax credits are amongst the most needy in society and are doing their very best to keep in work and provide for themselves and their families, contributing to our countries productivity and their own independence. They are already struggling and this policy seems to me like a huge insult to their amazing efforts, which I thought was part of the whole point of working and living in our ‘democratic’ society.

Shame on the Government and it’s time they got out of their privileged backgrounds, maybe not all, but get real.

From; Matthew Snellgrove, Stanmore Place, Leeds.

PLEASE do something about the proposed cut to tax credits. I only had a decent upbringing with healthy food on my table because tax credits were available to my family. I dread to think what life could have been like I they had not. It is not fair that the most vulnerable in society have to pay for a system that is inherently broken.

From: Sandra Hanna, The Laurels, Main Street, Hemingbrough.

I AM alarmed at the news that, despite opposition from people who depend on tax credits, the reduction is going to go ahead.

Folk are already struggling to make ends meet and this change will throw some into dire poverty.

I cannot bear the thought of young people and their children having to suffer just so the Government can balance the books.

It was not the Labour government nor the ordinary people of this country who caused the crash ,so why are ordinary people made to pick up the bill?

From; Chris George, Batley.

ALL our communities are subject to austerity measures and their effects are punishing enough, but the planned cuts to tax credits are an attack on working families.

Please publish an article that sends a message to George Osborne that enough is enough.

From: Nick McLoughlin, Broadgate Walk, Leeds.

WHAT are our local newspapers going to print in regards to the ideological, savage cuts to the tax credits which the low paid workers rely on to give them a decent standard of living?

From: Rod Dixon, Hare Court, Todmorden.

I AM very worried for people I know and close neighbours who are hard working people but who will suffer from this Government’s cuts to tax credits.

These people are all in work but they are paid such pitiful wages that they rely on support from the state to pay their living expenses.

The way Mr Cameron talks he sees anyone on tax credits as somehow scamming the ‘hard workers’ out of their own hard-earned savings. This cruel attempt to divide and rule shows how completely out of touch the Tories are.

From: George Neville, Hall Road, Sproatley.

WHEN are you Tory-supporting newspapers going to print the true feelings of the majority of people who are overwhelming against dirty trick?

From: Sharon Wilkins, Valentine Close, Hull.

I THINK if you cut tax credits for working people you will find more and more people claim benefits.

From: Martin Woods, Dawson Court, Settle.

TAX credits are essential for many people who are losing their dignity through cuts.

From; Frank Smith, Swanland Road, Hessle.

TAX credit cuts will hit poorer working families with children. I hope my MP will vote against these proposed changes and ensure children of hard working families on poor wages are safeguarded.

From: Ali Oliver, Cemetery Road, Barnsley.

STOP the tax credits cuts now! Working people should not be penalised any more. Provide a living wage of £10 per hour now and then tax credits would not be needed.