October 20: The grim choice for a struggling family: Coal or food?

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From: Audrey Atkinson, All Saints Court, Market Weighton.

I ONCE had a terrible decision to make – coal for our only fire, or food for the weekend for my family of five children.

My husband had been made redundant in 1994 and, owing to a mistake, we had had £20 cut from our unemployment benefits. It was devastating as every penny was accounted for.

I doubt that many of our MPs have ever been in that situation.

What happened 20 years ago? Our MP stepped in and sorted it out. Please, don’t let this proposal go through. We’re talking basic human compassion.

From: John Brown, Oak Tree Close, Bedale.

WHAT a disgusting state of affairs that allow the Tory Party to renege on their pre-election promises. So typical of their ‘robber baron’ stance.

From: Lindsay May, Pool Road, Otley.

IT is unacceptable that working people cannot earn enough to make ends meet without tax credits, particularly when the Government seems happy to use taxpayers’ money to give business financial incentives. Are these incentives used to ensure employees are paid a decent wage or simply to improve profits for shareholders?

From: Stephen Beaumont, Queens Drive Lane, Ilkley.

UNLESS these cuts are stopped, hard-up families will struggle to afford necessities like food, winter clothes and school essentials for the kids.

From: Harvey Gothard, Lowick Woodthorpe, York.

I AM 15 and live in York. Both my parents work but still, like many other families in the UK, rely on working tax credits. I believe it is shameful to make day-to-day life even harder.

From: Dr Roger Beaumont, Skipton Road, Keighley.

PLEASE will you stand up for people in this area by opposing the cuts?

Tax credits can’t be cut until everyone earns enough to afford all of life’s essentials.

From: Richard Firth, Blenheim Terrace, Scarborough.

THE increase in the minimum wage and tax allowances will not make up for these cuts. The increase in minimum wage will not apply to the self-employed. I will be short of £125 per month just as I am setting up a new business.