October 20: We must not make elderly feel like a burden

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From: Mervyn Jackson, Windmill Rise, Belper, Derbyshire.

YOU made several good points about the NHS in your recent Editorial (The Yorkshire Post, October 10), but I was not happy that, along with practically every other commentator on the subject, you had to mention ‘an ageing population’.

The same group is referred to when discussing the housing problem.

There is another obvious factor: the huge increase in immigration over recent years.

The detractors from this argument claim that we 
wouldn’t have the doctors and nurses we require without immigration.

The concept of requiring millions of immigrants because a proportion of them will be doctors and nurses is ludicrous. If we cannot train and keep such professionals from the existing population then the reasons for this must be addressed and remedied. Blaming the ageing population, which may make some pensioners feel guilty about being still alive and, hence, a burden, is an insult.