October 21: Tax credit cut will bring misery to hard working families

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From: Andrew McGowan, Westfield, Sheffield.

PLEASE will you do all you can to promote stopping cuts to tax credits? I’ve read that they would put thousands of children at risk of falling into poverty in our area.

They would make it harder to pay for winter clothing, school essentials for kids and even food for the table.

Please will you stand up for people in this area by opposing and raising awareness of the cuts?

Tax credits can’t be cut until everyone earns enough to afford all of life’s essentials.

From: Dennis Parker, Westborough Way, Hull.

I AM sorry that the Conservative government is going to hurt my grandchildren and therefore also my great-grandchildren by going back on a promise they gave before the election not too.cut tax credits. My granddaughter has already got two jobs and then gets this kick in the teeth. I think this could cause civil unrest.

Don’t do it.

From: Colin Tyler, Howden.

RATHER than being the party of hard working families, the Tories are using those trapped on exploitative contracts to pay tax that should be paid by the very rich and by corporations.

From: John Havers, Barnsley.

PLEASE can you make the public aware of this awful decision to cut tax benefits to struggling families.

From: David Page, Leeds.

IN Yorkshire, lots of people will be in poverty caused by the Government policy of cutting tax credits. I care about my city and the people in it. I think Leeds should make a stand by The Yorkshire Post printing stories about those who are affected.

From; Geraldine Nichols, Marsden Place, Leeds.

SURELY we, as a society, should be challenging a Prime Minster who canvassed for votes by stating he would not cut tax credits?

If the Prime Minister of our country cannot be held to account for breaking election promises, then what is the purpose of our democratic system?

This is legislation that won’t affect me directly, but I have never been part of the “I’m alright Jack, pull up the ladder” brigade and feel the leader of my country should be held to account for his dishonest presentation for which he has not yet even apologised.

From: Paul Hurley, South Milford, Leeds.

WE are already working 12 hours a day to make ends meet. My salary has gone down year after year to stay competitive. This Government is out of touch with hard working people and austerity is a lie.