Old Gloria on road to new life

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A RARE Triumph Gloria car left untouched in a Yorkshire garage for 50 years has fetched £3,800 at auction in Leeds.

The 1934 Gloria Six Saloon belonged to Doncaster man Clifford Fevre who had a reputation for hoarding.

Auctioneer Gary Don and owner Martin Hunt with a 1934 Triumph Gloria

Auctioneer Gary Don and owner Martin Hunt with a 1934 Triumph Gloria

It was eventually placed in storage in his wooden garage in Bentley and stayed there until a few weeks ago.

Only three survived with their original bodywork, according to the Pre-1940 Triumph Motor Club’s Graham Shipman who declared it a “very rare car” which could be worth up to £25,000 once restored.

The Gloria was sold at Gary Don’s auction house to a buyer in Ilminster, Somerset, for £3,800, excluding buyer’s premium of around £700.

Previous owner, Jean Hunt, niece of the late Mr Fevre, has asked the new owner - who has not been named - to let her know the results of any restoration project.

Mrs Hunt, who was a little girl when she first went for a spin with Uncle Clifford, recalled: “At the time we didn’t have a car, so to go out in Gloria was something special, although it was such a performance to get the car out.

“Clifford would take 20 minutes to get it out because the garage doors had to be opened in a certain way and then there were gates to open.”

Meanwhile, silver coins minted in York during the English Civil War went under the hammer at Lockdales, near Ipswich, Suffolk.

Six of 37 coins sold. A half-crown sold for £1,550. Items of soccer memorabilia, such as 1960s Arsenal tickets, fetched more than expected.