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EVEN though the Government has chosen not to locate the Green Investment Bank in this region, the renewable energy industry will help to underpin Yorkshire’s economy for the foreseeable future.

This is not in doubt. And, despite the Budget’s mixed messages which have prompted to conclude that this will not be the greenest government in history, the need for clean energy remains paramount, not least to help households and companies reduce their heating bills.

It’s not just geography and geology that has put Yorkshire at the forefront of a green energy revolution – it is also thanks to the innovative work of CO2Sense which has raised awareness and successfully harnessed the interests of politician.

An offshoot of the now moribund Yorkshire Forward, it is also welcome – and essential – that its work continues, albeit in a new guise as a community interest company. Many jobs will come to depend on this organisation’s expertise, advice and campaigning in the years to come.