Only Ukip could ensure our sovereignty is not up for grabs

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From: TC Robinson, Abbey Lane, Beauchief, Sheffield.

I AM an 87-year-old retired professional economist who until two years ago had never voted anything other than Conservative in a major election. Not any more. But before, as Shakespeare would put it, I depart this mortal coil, I would just like to add my two pennyworth of comment to the current debate regarding our economic/political situation leading up to the 2015 General Election.

One Thursday night some six months ago, I turned the TV on to watch and listen to the BBC’s Question Time. The first question concerned the emergence of Ukip as a valid political party. The discussion lasted 20 minutes and I was totally amazed to realise that I had not heard the words sovereignty or democracy mentioned during the whole 20 minutes.

Now how you can have a discussion of Ukip in any shape or form without mention of these two words passes my comprehension. What the programme did do for me though was to bring home the fact that bearing in mind Ukip received a quarter of the votes at a recent by-election, three-quarters of the electorate, plus those who abstained, were voting for parties that are prepared to sell their birthright, namely our sovereignty and democracy, down the river, or, to put it another way, put it up for grabs by outsiders.

My preferred solution to our problems, bearing in mind that economically Labour doesn’t know which day of the week it is and the Liberals get confused as to which is east or west, is for the 2015 election to give such a return of Ukip MPs to the Commons that it becomes attractive to the centre of the Conservative Party to join them in a coalition that is progressive and which ensures our sovereignty is not up for grabs.

From: Les Arnott, Athelstan Road, Sheffield.

IT is clear that if the electorate dislikes or is suspicious of the EU, then the May elections are the time to act.

Such voters cannot possibly vote Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat or Green. A vote for any of these parties would actually lend unwitting support to the EU. To a greater or lesser extent, all are Europhile parties which simply cannot be trusted with regard to the imperialistic, federalist agenda of Brussels.

Allowing for the fact that non-voting should never be an option to anyone, like it or not – in EU elections, at least – we have to vote Ukip. There really is no viable alternative.

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