The Yorkshire Post message to Chris Grayling: Actions speak louder than words

CHRIS Grayling was left in no doubt about the strength of public feeling when he visited The Yorkshire Post’s offices to discuss the political backlash over delays – and changes – to the Government’s rail improvement programme in the North. To be fair, the Transport Secretary took on board concerns and criticisms before reassuring commuters here that he is still fully committed to upgrading the two key routes that have been at the centre of so much controversy.

Cartoon by Graeme Bandeira

The Yorkshire Post says: Theresa May's Brexit balancing act could buy her time

AN act of political pragmatism – or a speech that betrays hard-line Brexiteers? Inevitably Theresa May’s carefully-crafted balancing act speech in Florence will be viewed through this prism, even more so after Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson’s recent navel-gazing.
Theresa May, speaking at the United Nations this week.

YP Letters: Tories cave in over fat cat pay promise

From: Bryan Burgess, Birch Drive, Willerby, Hull.

What now for Yorkshire devolution?

YP Letters: One Yorkshire has failings, but any deal is better than none

From: Dr Alex Strickland, Liverpool.

Angela Merkel.

Election is the least of Merkel’s problems

GERMANY goes to the polls on Sunday in a key election that will decide not just the future of the country, but also the likely shape of European Union – Germany will become an even more dominant force once Britain leaves in 2019.

Does Boris Johnson want to become Prime Minister?

YP Letters: Backstabbing Boris should be put in his place

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

Harrogate artist Laney Birkhead inside her calico Swarm artwork.

Dear Reader: Lost in West Yorkshire + Gin Rocks Festival

A personal column by the Harrogate Advertiser's Graham Chalmers

Would you rather your child learned a PC language or a foreign language?

'The world is changing: would you rather your child learned a foreign language or computer code?'

WHEN I was helping to fashion the national curriculum in the 1980s, I selected 10 subjects. The basic subjects were English, maths and science and seven more to ensure a rounded education, with art andother creative subjects among them, writes Ken Baker.

Trains in Yorkshire

The Yorkshire Post says: Interest in Yorkshire's railways has never been greater (take note, Mr Grayling)

NOT only do a record number of passengers travel by train each day – testament to the economic importance of the region’s rail network ahead of Transport Secretary Chris Grayling’s visit to the region – but interest in the heritage and history of the railways has never been greater.

The Yorkshire Post says: Why revamping Ofsted inspections could help schools make the grade

The Yorkshire Post says: Why revamping Ofsted inspections could help schools make the grade

THE education of today’s children is too important to be left to chance, hence the publication of league tables, and the necessity of regular Ofsted inspections, to monitor the performance of schools.

Fracking: A cartoon by Graeme Bandeira for the Yorkshire Post

The Yorkshire Post says: As arrests continue, there's only one chance to get it right over fracking

For those living in Kirby Misperton in North Yorkshire, the topic of fracking will never have been far from their thoughts over the past three years as the village has been unwittingly placed at the epicentre of the national battle over the controversial shale gas extraction process. But there remains an alarming lack of wider public knowledge about the issue.
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Sheffield Station

'How HS2 Sheffield Station saga helped derail devolution hopes'

FOR those involved in ongoing efforts to win Government backing for the ‘One Yorkshire’ devolution plan involving 17 local councils to date, there is a vital lesson about the importance of a united front to be learnt from the acrimonious collapse of the rival £900m deal for the Sheffield City Region.

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Part of the Cinder Track between Scarborough and Whitby.

YP Letters: Cycle track’s potential is going to waste

From: Colin Foster, Scalby Beck Road, Scarborough.

Boris Johnson with the controversial battlebus poster that promised more money for the NHS if Britain voted for Brexit.

YP Letters: NHS and its staff deserve to benefit when we leave the EU

From: Ray Marshall, Holmdene Drive, Mirfield.

Opinion 1
Will lessons be learned from the Leeds trolleybus fiasco?

YP Letters: Leeds Council gave in without fight on trams

From: ME Wright, Harrogate.

Loose cannon: Boris Johnson with Theresa May. The Prime Minister must demand her Cabinet back the position on Brexit - or any dissenters should resign forthwith.

Tom Richmond: As Boris goes rogue, May must ‘take back control’

IF Theresa May had won June’s election by the margin she envisaged, the larger than life Boris Johnson would not be Foreign Secretary by now.

Local tax powers will unleash enterprise

Local tax powers will unleash enterprise

SINCE taking over as chief executive at the Centre for Social Justice, I have been driven by a mission to open up the corridors of power to the grassroots, giving a voice to those on the front line of the fight against poverty in Britain. This week we made a massive step towards achieving that goal and released our report on UK productivity – The Great British Breakthrough.

Chris Grayling.

The Yorkshire Post says: We make no apology for holding Chris Grayling to account over Northern transport

THIS newspaper welcomes the fact that Transport Secretary Chris Grayling will be in the region on Friday to address a conference being organised by the IPPR North think-tank and to undertake fact-finding talks.

Opinion 3

'No drink, no drugs, no relationships - so just what do today's teenagers do?'

TODAY’S teenagers are a boring lot. They stay indoors, worry about homework and, it would appear, are not terribly interested in finding a girlfriend or boyfriend.

Mexico earthquake

The Yorkshire Post says: Forget bickering about aid, we should be proud to help Mexico after earthquake horror

THE fact that teachers and pupils at a school were buried alive in Mexico’s earthquake adds poignancy to a natural disaster beyond comprehension as the death toll increases and rescuers frantically try to reach all those trapped in the rubble.
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