Tom Richmond: Northern voices hold key to achieving Theresa May’s vision

FROM a Northern perspective, the political balance of power is little changed after Theresa May succeeded David Cameron as Prime Minister.

It is hoped a seaside tsar would help Yorkshire's coastal towns. (Picture: rossparry.co.uk).

Stephen Miles: How to keep the sun shining on our seaside

Along the Yorkshire coast yesterday many people reacted to the call for the appointment of a Seaside Tsar to sort out the problems of our coastal communities by saying: “We are doing all right.”

Campaign group HS2 East says the high speed rail scheme would boost Yorkshire's economy. (PA)

YP Comment: Clarity needed over HS2 plans - Work to do to convince public

IF the HS2 project is to deliver maximum benefit to Yorkshire and the rest of the North – as we were told was its raison d’etre – then it is imperative that every opportunity is taken to use it to establish better links between major Northern towns and cities, along with emerging rural economies.

Are children entitled to pocket money, or should it be earned? (PA)

Sarah Todd: Harsh economic realities of cash in your children’s pocket or purse

CHILDREN’S pocket money has hit a nine-year high and this mother – for one – doesn’t think it’s something to celebrate.

The majority of children in school behave well and want to learn. But the poor behaviour of others can limit their potential.

YP comment: Parents key to pupils’ conduct

A SCHOOL can boast the best and brightest teachers any parent could wish for, but if standards of behaviour are poor then children have far less chance of reaching their full potential.

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Is it right that the Government purges patient lists?

YP Letters: Worrying purge of GPs’ patient lists

Dr Richard Vautrey, BMA GP Committee Deputy Chair.

Opinion 1
Barack Obama became US President in 2008. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Bill Carmichael: How Obama widened US race divide

When Barack Obama became the first black President of the United States hopes were high that his election would herald a transformative period of racial healing in a bitterly divided country.

David Cameron is likely to be remembered as the man who lost the EU Referendum vote. (PA).

Greg Wright: David Cameron pledged stability but left only chaos behind

HISTORIANS love intellectual parlour games, and David Cameron’s demise as Prime Minister will give them much to ponder.

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Supporters listen to Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as he addresses them in front of his residence in Istanbul. (Kayhan Ozer/Pool Photo via AP)

Gulcin Ozkan: Turkey’s coup nightmare

I was watching television, agonising over the details of the terror attack in Nice, when the news broke of unusual military activity in Istanbul.

Sheffield's deal with China is a welcome sign that Yorkshire is open for business.

YP Comment: A good deal for the Steel City

Sheffield secures massive investment from China.

A view of the Pokemon Go app launch screen on a phone. The app launched in the UK recently . (PA).

Jayne Dowle: Our private data is the real prize in Pokemon hunt

Don’t believe everything you hear about Pokemon Go. My son, who is 13, reliably informs me that a person has walked straight off a cliff in pursuit of a creature from the augmented reality game which is taking the world by storm.

Opinion 2
Tim Farron holds a flyer at the Liberal Democrats annual conference last year. (PA).

Tim Farron: Turmoil makes case for voting reform

Truly, we live in extraordinary times. Potentially heading out of Europe, a new Prime Minister who hasn’t been elected by party members, let alone the country, and a Labour Party tearing itself apart.

Opinion 1
British farmers face a period of uncertainty.

Anne McIntosh: Farming must be priority as we reap Brexit’s harvest

Now that we know that Brexit means Brexit, what does leaving the European Union mean for farmers?


Wednesday letters: Time to make most of Brexit opportunities

From: Paul Morgan, Canberra View, Barton-Upon-Humber.

The EU referundum

Michael Dobbs: A Brexit built on friendship not fear and abuse

The referendum campaign on both sides was appalling. It verged on abuse. The people of this country deserve better and, as a political class, we owe them a profound apology. Divisions inevitably linger and perhaps some are in danger of growing, particularly on immigration.

Author GP Taylor

GP Taylor: Human rights gravy train is threat to life

I love living in Britain. I love it even more now I have the hope that we might be leaving the EU – if the Remainers don’t try and fix another vote or block legislation.

Opinion 2
Jeremy Corbyn cannot lead, say his critics.

Bernard Ingham: Labour torn apart by mob as May takes up its cause

Here’s a right how-do-you do. There isn’t a blade of grass between the Prime Minister, Theresa May, and Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn. Both want to make the system work for ordinary folk and not just the elite.

Opinion 6
Russia's participation in Rio hangs in the balance. (PA)

YP Comment: Time to ban Russian team - IOC delays doping decision

The International Olympic Committee (IOC)has shown a serious error in judgement in its decision to postpone banning the entire Russian Olympic team from the Rio Games.

New Prime Minister Theresa May, wearing Amanda Wakeley and her trademark leopard print heels, followed by her husband, Philip (who is already impressing with his dapper outfits), as they walk into 10 Downing Street. Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Stephanie Smith: High hopes for the first gentleman of style

Who cares about what Theresa May wears, and why does it matter anyway?

The Grouse shooting season begins amidst bright purple heather, seen here on the Moors above Leyburn, North Yorkshire. (John Giles/PA Wire).

Liam Stokes: Nurturing the next generation of gamekeepers

It wasn’t all that long ago that gamekeeping knowledge was handed down from generation to generation, often from father to son. A likely young man would shadow the keeper on a local estate, moving up the ranks until he eventually took over the older man’s job.

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