YP Comment: Hillsborough chief in denial. Power struggle at troubled force

AS SOUTH Yorkshire’s suspended chief constable David Crompton refuses to accede to calls from his force’s crime commissioner Dr Alan Billings to formally resign his position over his mishandling of the fallout from the Hillsborough inquests, three points need to be re-enforced.

Will the political parties accept the will of the people over Brexit?

Ted Bromund: Brexit was a reality check which Tories must now implement

I AM sometimes asked why, as an American, I care about British politics, the implication being that the United States is far more interesting and consequential than Britain. Part of the answer is that – while well aware of the ways the world has changed since 1945 – I believe Britain matters.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Tom Richmond: Jeremy Corbyn’s nuclear note set to mean no defence at all

A NEW Prime Minister’s first duty is one of the most onerous of their entire premiership.

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Dr Alan Billings has defended his decision to dismiss South Yorkshire chief constable David Crompton.

Dr Alan Billings: My right to ask chief constable David Crompton to resign over Hillsborough

FOR some time, South Yorkshire Police has been in a very bad place. It has treated victims in a number of different circumstances and over many years in a shocking fashion – the ‘Battle of Orgreave’; the Hillsborough disaster; and in Rotherham as 1,400 girls suffered fearful abuse and their plight was ignored.

Newspaper columnist Liz Jones.

YP Letters: Southerner columnist Liz Jones needs lessons in country life

From: David Lloyd-Williams, Malton.

Prince Charles during a visit to the 'Slowing the Flow' project in Pickering.

YP Letters: Pickering, the town that leads in treating the causes – and not symptoms – of floods

From: Mike Potter, Pickering.

Hillary Clinton shakes hands with Donald Trump after their first debate.

YP Letters: Same forces behind Trump as drove Brexit vote

From: Tamara Baker, Wheelock Lane, Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Care of the elderly must not be left to luck.

YP Comment: Don’t leave care of the elderly to chance. They deserve better

THIS newspaper’s editorial on September 15 challenged the Government – and other agencies – to treat carers as community champions rather than commodities. It was in response to two major reports which revealed the extent to which the specific needs of the elderly, and immobile, depended on goodwill, and luck, as a result of staff shortages and spending restraints.

Leeds West MP Rachel Reeves has challenged Labour to understand why the Remain campaign lost the EU referendum.

Rachel Reeves: The day I realised we had already lost EU referendum

TWO days before the EU referendum, I visited the largest private sector employer in my constituency. It’s a business I know well. Many there voted Labour at the last election and I had spoken to some of them during the general election campaign a year earlier.

Opinion 5
Professor Sir Keith Burnett.

Keith Burnett: Despite Hinkley Point, China is a land of opportunity for Yorkshire

I’VE been talking to people in China about the UK. What do they think when they think about us?

Jeremy Corbyn would bankrupt Britain, warns Jeremy Corbyn.

Bill Carmichael: Hey big spender, your politics are bankrupt

SO to sum up this week’s Labour Party Conference, re-elected leader Jeremy Corbyn is promising higher taxes, more borrowing, state benefits for all and unlimited immigration.

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The elderly feel they are being made guilty for being a drain on the NHS. Do you agree?

YP Letters: Why the elderly feel like a drain on the public purse

From: Barry Foster, High Stakesby, Whitby.

Opinion 3
Theresa May says 'Brexit means Brexit' but what does she mean?

YP Letters: Britain should not kowtow to EU Commission president

From: Paul Rouse, Main Street, Sutton upon Derwent, York.

Former Coronation Street actress Tracy Babin is standing for Labour in the Batley & Spen by-election.

YP Letters: Corbyn critics need to grow up and get to work in Batley & Spen

From: John Appleyard, Firthcliffe Parade, Liversedge.

Sam Allardyce was undone by greed, not an error of judgement.

Grant Woodward: Big Sam exposes ugliness blighting beautiful game

Allardyce’s whining about ‘entrapment’ is nonsense. This newspaper sting did everyone, including football, a favour.

Will Brexit harm Yorkshire's universities?

YP Comment: Don’t squander student talents. Brexit’s university challenge

AFTER A toxic Labour conference where the party appeared to be as split on immigration policy and Brexit as it was on Jeremy Corbyn’s lingering leadership, Tory divisions on border controls and freedom of movement will be just as pronounced in the coming days.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Canada.

Jayne Dowle: Royals understand power of an image as Duke and Duchess of Cambridge delight Canada

AS my mother put it, William and Kate are looking “very Royal” these days. She’s right. There was a new kind of polished assurance from the couple as they disembarked from their plane in Canada.

Former Israeli President Shimon Peres.

Colin Schindler: In Shimon Peres, Israel has lost a founding father and voice of reason

THE transformation of Szymon Perski from Vishnyeva in Belarus into Shimon Peres, a founding father of the state of Israel, is a reflection of how the Jews have moved from the margins of history to its mainstream after two millennia of dispersion and persecution.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Austin Mitchell: Divided Labour must get back to basics to win

LABOUR’S conference was a joy. A matey, boozy reunion with old friends and lots of new ones, a chance to catch up on lives, policies and gossip and to enjoy good company. But that’s the social side. The political is more important and that’s been like living in a babbling bubble because Labour is living in fantasy world trying to escape political reality.

Rachel Wilson has great views of Pen-y-Ghent from her home, but the possibility of her village school closing. What is the future of the Dales?

YP Letters: Last school in Dales valley under threat

From: Rachel Wilson, Horton-in–Ribblesdale, Settle.

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