YP Letters: Fracking is not ordinary gas extraction

From: Christopher Pickles, Gilling East, York.

Opinion 6
Tony Blair's Brexit intervention has not been welcomed.

YP Letters: Blair joins chorus of moaning from bad losers of Brexit

From: Geoff Atkinson, Whitby.

Should there be regional pay for prison officers?

YP Letters: Divide and rule on pay is no way to run prisons

From: John Rossington, Bond Street, Dewsbury.

YP Comment: Preserving Harrogate’s heritage

YP Comment: Preserving Harrogate’s heritage

SOME will contend it to be rather incongruous that ancient Acts of Parliament determine the future use of the iconic Harrogate Stray when such matters should be determined locally. Yet such anachronisms are one reason why its unique charm has been preserved down the generations – people travel far and wide to enjoy this much cherished open space.

Northern Powerhouse Minister Andrew Percy at the UK Northern Powerhouse conference

YP Comment: The North needs a Cabinet voice

EXACTLY one month ago, Northern Powerhouse Minister Andrew Percy took it upon himself to veto a Yorkshire-wide devolution deal and challenged each city-region here to come up with their own leadership structure.

Should teenagers know how to make their own bed? Columnist Jayne Dowle thinks so.

Jayne Dowle: It should not be a chore to expect our children to make their own beds

OUR Lizzie has returned from her first school residential with a proud badge of honour. She didn’t gain it for her new-found skills at archery, or her bravery on the zip-wire. It was because she was the only girl in her dormitory who knew how to make her own bed.

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The NHS could not function without migrant staff, says Melody Redman.

Melody Redman: Don’t drive away EU medics who keep our NHS afloat

“DON’T worry love, I will look after you”.

Members of the House of Lords debate Brexit.

Pauline Neville-Jones: Brexit must leave the country united

I VOTED to remain and I regret, but certainly accept the outcome of the referendum. There is a wide perception around the country, even among the remainers, that we now need to get on with the negotiation under Article 50.

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The war of words at PMQs will do little to solve the challenges facing the NHS. Do you agree?

YP Comment: No solutions to NHS headache. Angry PMQs offers few answers

ALMOST everyone would agree that a consensus needs to be reached on the long-term financing of the NHS and social care of the elderly.

Halfax Scooby Doo ad

Blackfriar: Halifax is getting back to doing what it does best

A decade after the start of the banking crisis, Lloyds and its Halifax brand have undergone a transformation.

YP Comment: Dying deserve better than this

YP Comment: Dying deserve better than this

SO much for NHS founding father Aneurin Bevan’s vision of ‘cradle to grave’ care. Despite hospital staff performing miracles to uphold standards, it is distressing, dispiriting and demoralising to learn that two-thirds of nurses feel they have insufficient time to give dying patients high-quality care.


YP Comment: The real food chain

THREE cheers to the UK’s food and drink producers whose exports hit a record £20bn in 2016 – further proof that farmers enjoy an unrivalled reputation when it comes to quality. Yet many agricultural businesses would not be able to make ends meet without migrant labour – out-of-work Britons don’t have the inclination, or willpower, to pick fruit and vegetables for minimum reward.

A fracking protester at Kirby Misperton.

YP Letters: Science shows fracking would bring conflict

From: Derek Chapman, Kirkbymoorside.

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Whitby is perceived to be the poor relation when compared to Scarborough.

YP Letters: Tale of two towns based on inequality

From: Peter Croft, Whitby.

Tony Blair delivering his speech in defence of the EU.

YP Letters: Blair’s ‘rise up’ call over Brexit has echoes of Third World

From: Jim Pike, Nursery Close, Alwoodley, Leeds.

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Donald Trump smiles ahead of his latest speech lambasting the US media for so-called 'fake news'.

Bernard Ingham: “If I worked for Trump I’d have shot myself by now”

GOD’S gift to journalists needs no introduction. Let us hail Donald Trump, the entirely unique 45th President of the United States.

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Prime Minister Theresa May sits behind the speaker (far right) as Baroness Williams of Trafford speaks in the House of Lords, London, during a debate on the Brexit Bill.

Nigel Lawson: Brexit will be no trade disaster

I WARMLY welcome this important Bill on Article 50. We now need to be clear about the way ahead. The White Paper states that the Government will seek “an ambitious and comprehensive Free Trade Agreement and a new customs agreement” with the European Union.

Opinion 2
Transport Secretary Chris Grayling.

YP Comment: HS3 - Second best is not an option

TRANSPORT SECRETARY Chris Grayling could not have been clearer when he addressed Leeds business leaders last month: “Great transport created the first Northern Powerhouse nearly two centuries ago, and it can create the second one in the future.”

Opinion 2
Education Secretary Justine Greening officially opens Scarborough UTC.

YP Comment: Quality teaching can change lives. Schools only as good as their staff

SENTENCE one of paragraph one of today’s Parliamentary report on schools policy, and the importance of teachers, could not be more categorical. “The quality of education in England depends on the quality of the teachers in our schools,” it says succinctly.

Opinion 5
Are flawed PFI deals exacerbating the NHS crisis?

YP Letters: NHS left with £300bn debt by politicians who backed PFI

From: Dr David Hill, Chief Executive, World Innovation Foundation, Huddersfield.

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