YP Letters: Turn clock back to cure sick NHS

From: Raymond Knight, Broadway, Newport, Shropshire.

A pro-EU rally in London before the election was called over Brexit.

YP Letters: Anger over Brexit as Britain swaps nostalgia for reason

From: Jonathan Hill, Uppsala, Sweden.

Smart motorways without a hard shoulder for broken down vehicles have prompted a safety debate.

YP Letters: Not so smart if you fail to inform motorists

From: Jenny Barron, Doncaster.

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A vigil in memory of Michelle Kiss, who was killed in Monday's terror attack in Manchester. PHOTO: Kelvin Stuttard

Aisha Iqbal: Suffer all our children to be free of fear

I had an oddly emotional moment earlier in the week. I was on my way home, passing through Horsforth, and I stopped at a zebra crossing to let a little girl with a bike pass, as did another car on the opposite side of the road.

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YP Comment: The great economic challenge

TODAY’S full resumption of electioneering follows the publication of GDP figures which saw economic growth fall to a lower-than-expected 0.2 per cent in the first three months of the year. By way of comparison, the Eurozone outperformed Britain.


YP Comment: USA leaks betray terror victims as Queen comforts Manchester injured

IF Donald Trump and America’s injudicious intelligence agencies want an object lesson in the importance of discretion, they should look no further than the dignified example that continues to be set so magnificently by the Queen.

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A multi-faith vigil for victims of the manchester terror atrocity.

Bill Carmichael: Terrorism – David Blunkett was right all along on extremist threat

PERHAPS we should have listened more carefully to the wise words of David Blunkett?

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Theresa May at the Tory manifesto launch in Halifax.

William Wallace: Cutting education won’t help reduce immigration

MESSAGE to the Prime Minister: you can’t cut immigration if you cut spending on education and training. Our economy needs skilled labour, not just in higher professional occupations.

Former prime minister Sir John Major kept the size of the public sector in check.

YP Letters: Labour manifesto will add up to soaring debt

From: Alan Chapman, Beck Lane, Bingley.

Should Lib Dem peers be allowed to wield undue influence in the House of Lords?

YP Letters: Number of Lords should reflect standing of the parties

From: Tim Hunter, Farfield Avenue, Knaresborough.

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John Blundell says the NHS is inefficient. Do you agree?

YP Letters: Tackle waste in NHS before demanding cash

From: John R Blundell, Matterdale Road, Dewsbury.

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YP Comment: Quiet resumption

YP Comment: Quiet resumption

AS the terror atrocity in Manchester becomes even more heartbreaking as the names emerged of the innocents murdered as they left a pop concert, the resumption of the General Election will feel incongruous, even irrelevant, to some people, not least those communities mourning loved ones.

Troops patrol 10 Downing Street.

Patrick Mercer: Terrorism – we must protect those who protect us

AVOIDABLE? Unexpected? Culpable? No, there was nothing that should surprise us about what happened in Manchester on Monday night. All we can do is thank God that it wasn’t worse, brace ourselves for the next attack and learn lessons from this incident.

People attend a peace vigil in Trafalgar Square following the Manchester suicide bombing.

Jayne Dowle: We cannot despair in facing every parent’s nightmare

A PARENT’S job is to protect and reassure. How might we do this when a suicide bomber can enter the foyer of a concert arena and kill more than 20 people, including children and teenagers, while injuring and traumatising many, many more?

A member of the army joins police officers on Whitehall, London, after Scotland Yard announced armed troops will be deployed to guard "key locations" such as Buckingham Palace, Downing Street, the Palace of Westminster and embassies.

YP Comment: Standing up to the forces of evil. Soldiers in a show of strength

WHAT turned a British citizen, born and bred here, into a jihadist who was prepared to blow himself up – and innocent young people leaving a pop concert – in his home city?

M&S Collection.

Blackfriar: M&S has become a jack of all trades and master of none

Marks & Spencer has struggled for years to turnaround the fortunes of its underperforming clothing range.

Does Sunday trading undermine Christianity?

YP Letters: Leap of faith to say Britain is Christian

From: Chris Schorah, Gascoigne Avenue, Leeds.

Brexit Secretary David Davis.

YP Letters: Empty rhetoric won’t make Brexit work for Yorkshire

From: Lord Wallace of Saltaire, Lib Dem peer, House of Lords.

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The East Coast main line has been run byh both private and public operators in recent times.

YP Letters: Rail line shows benefits of public ownership

From: John G Davies, Alma Terrace, East Morton, Keighley.

YP Comment: Spirit of Britain

YP Comment: Spirit of Britain

As a stunned nation struggled to come to terms with the senseless carnage unleashed in Manchester on Monday night, the message from the city was one of unity and defiance.

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