Ian McMillan: Why big isn’t necessarily better when it comes to books

How long is a piece of string? Or, to put it another way, how long should a piece of string be? Or, to put it yet another way, how long is a piece of writing and how long should a piece of writing be?

A fracking rig.

YP Letters: Selectivity of anti-fracking movement

From: Sam Grant, Huntington Road, York.

Opinion 7
Does Sajid Javid care about the plight of the elderly?

Tom Richmond: Contempt where empathy is needed over care crisis

SYSTEMIC flaws in health policy were plain to see when Communities Secretary Sajid Javid played down the social care crisis when questioned by MPs this week.

Opinion 2
Theresa May delivers her Brexit speech.

Adam Bradford: Brexit and why Yorkshire sets the example for global Britain

IT was a clear, fully-fledged Brexit which Prime Minister Theresa May promised Britain this week. She used her eagerly-awaited speech to diplomats at Lancaster House to unveil her 12-point Brexit plan.

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President Donald Trump pumps his fist after delivering his inaugural address.

YP Comment: President Donald Trump’s hour of action arrives – and the world holds its breath

“WE must think big and dream even bigger.” So proclaimed the 45th – and most unlikely – President in the history of the United States at the end of Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ opening address which could not have been more nationalist, populist or anti-establishment in substance or delivery.

Who are the people who voted for President Trump?

Richard Heller: Why President Trump’s nemesis will be his own voters

THERE is a fine expression in American politics: you dance with the folks that brought you. It is a colourful way of saying that the first task of any elected official is to reward his or her own supporters. Lately, the colossal costs of American elections have turned their government into a vast repayment system for campaign donors and special interests.

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james Hardisty's image of Stutton woods near Tadcaster.

YP Letters: Woods that were the making of young artist

From: Michael Hildred, York.

Tory MP Alec Shelbrooke says Donald Trump needs a greater understanding of Nato's strengths.

Alec Shelbrooke: Nato needs to be hard-headed in Donald Trump’s age of unknowns

THIS weekend the Defence & Security Committee of the Nato Assembly, on which I sit as a UK representative, will gather in Washington DC for a meeting set to coincide with the US presidential inauguration.


YP Comment: Scales of justice favour criminals

IT is 15 years – and seven Home Secretaries – since Tony Blair promised to put victims “at the heart” of the criminal justice system. Yet, despite the efforts of a succession of ministers from David Blunkett to Theresa May and Amber Rudd, there remain many instances when the human impact of serious offences is downplayed or, worse still, ignored by the courts.

YP Comment: Long-term energy plan overdue

YP Comment: Long-term energy plan overdue

DAVID CAMERON and George Osborne were never shy when it came to highlighting the virtues of their ‘long-term economic plan’ – and acquiescent Tory MPs never missed an opportunity to indulge the then Prime Minister and Chancellor with mentions of their favourite soundbite.


Peter Jay: Four years of Trump will not vanquish real America

THIRTY-SIX years ago, I stood with my children on Pennsylvania Avenue watching the presidential motorcade carry the newly sworn in Ronald Reagan back from Capitol Hill to the White House.

Opinion 5
Bill Carmichael says Donald Trump should be given the benefit of the doubt. Do you agree?

Bill Carmichael: Look upon President Trump with hope not hate

THE most remarkable thing about today’s inauguration of the 45th president of the United States is not the election of Donald Trump to the most powerful office in the world – notable though that is – but the extreme, positively unhinged reaction to it.

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Experienced teachers are imperative if school standards are to improve.

YP Comment: Teachers and funding matter. Lessons for Education Secretary

AS always, context is critical when interpreting education league tables. Let it be made clear at the outset that more than three-quarters of Yorkshire secondary schools hit the Government’s new benchmark which rewards academic progress over an elongated period and it would be remiss not to acknowledge the solid progress made by students and teachers alike.

Brexit ministers Liam Fox, Boris Johnson and David Davis.

YP Letters: May shows her steel in Brexit speech

From: Dick Lindley, Altofts, Normanton.

The heads of Barnsley and Doncaster Councils have defended their devolution stance.

YP Letters: Don’t blame us for devolution delay – Barnsley and Doncaster Councils

From: Ros Jones CBE, Elected Mayor of Doncaster Council and Coun Sir Stephen Houghton CBE, Leader of Barnsley Council.

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Donald Trump is destined to disappoint Americans, argues Georgia Hudson.

Georgia Hudson: Why Donald Trump is destined to disappoint America

AS a plain-speaking Yorkshire woman who has lived in the American Mid-West, and worked on several political campaigns, including Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign, we shouldn’t over-dramatise Donald Trump’s election.

Opinion 6
Should Yorkshire have its own mayor?

YP Letters: Clamour for elected mayors is nothing new

From: David Nutt, Huby, Leeds.

Opinion 1
Has Friends of the Earth misled the public over fracking?

YP Letters: Frankness needed over fracking row

From: Michael Roberts, Worcester Avenue, Garstang, Lancashire.

Opinion 4
Theresa May delivers her Brexit speech.

YP Letters: Donors and moaners mourn departure of EU gravy train

From: Gordon Lawrence, Stumperlowe View, Sheffield.

Doug Paulley, from Wetherby, West Yorkshire, outside the Supreme Court in London, after disabled travellers won a partial victory at the court in their battle for priority use of wheelchair spaces on buses. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo.

YP Comment: Good manners do cost nothing

five YEARS after Doug Paulley was left stranded at a Wetherby bus stop because a mother refused to move her child’s pushchair from a space reserved for wheelchair users, his stance has been upheld by the High Court in a landmark victory.

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