Bernard Ingham: In her own words...the ‘responsible’ Queen’s Speech that Her Majesty should deliver

Today will witness the State Opening of Parliament and Queen's Speech.
Today will witness the State Opening of Parliament and Queen's Speech.
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As leader of the Responsible Party (to which recruitment is ominously slow), it is my responsibility and privilege 
on my 85th birthday to offer you my Queen’s Speech for today’s ceremonial opening of a new Parliament. Her Majesty would say:

“My Lords and Members of the House of Commons, I present to you a programme for a full Parliament setting out how my government intends to work towards establishing Britain as an international leader through a fairer and a more prosperous and responsible society.

The programme has five main elements:

1: Securing a clear and acceptable exit from the European Union and the continued unity of the United Kingdom;

2: Progressively eliminating the budget deficit by 2022 and the achievement of surpluses to help manage rising national debt;

3: Strengthening the nation’s defences against terrorism and possible aggressors and maintaining our commitment to Nato;

4: Controlling immigration consistent with the national interest and racial integration;

5: Instituting a review, leading to Green Papers and wide consultation, of each of the nation’s main domestic problems – the NHS, welfare, particularly of the elderly, education and the maintenance of law and order, including cyber crime and the internet’s use as a notice board for terrorists.

This programme will give Parliament a heavy workload but holds out the prospect of a more successful nation if effectively implemented.

My Lords and Members of the House of Commons, my government pledges full and urgent inquiries into recent terrorist attacks on the innocent and the disastrous fire in the Grenfell Tower flats in West London. Acting on those reports, it will seek to prevent a recurrence.

In negotiating an end to our membership of the EU, my government will adopt a constructive approach, consistent with the achievement of recovering sovereignty. It will make clear it is leaving the EU, but not Europe, because of the institution’s damaging, and probably unrealisable, objective of replacing sovereign states through “ever closer union”. Britain’s objection to this supra-national approach has long been known but has not diverted the EU from its goal.

My government, committed to the responsible conduct of Britain’s affairs, believes strongly in the need for rigorous management of Britain’s finances. At present a budget deficit of some £50bn, while a third the level of that in 2010, and the rapidly rising national debt of more than £1.7 trillion, are a severe constraint on government in all its aspects. The nation cannot borrow its way out of 
this constraint; only close control can achieve that.

We live in a dangerous world in which Islamist terrorists seek to kill innocent people and others to de-stabilise the West. My Government will call on all leaders, no matter their race, colour or creed, manifestly to condemn every terrorist incident as an offence against humanity.

My government is clear that, while seeking to control immigration, urgent attention needs to be given to the integration of ethnic minorities if communities are to advance.

It will set up an investigation into the obstacles to integration and practices that are contrary to British law. Only this Parliament can be the source of laws governing all the people.

The government is increasingly concerned about the condition of our public services – the NHS, welfare, education and the enforcement of Parliamentary law. It considers that the answer lies not necessarily in their funding.

To get at the roots of each problem it will set up thorough inquiries, reporting by the end of next year, which will consult widely and involve the public whose voice it wishes to hear.

The country needs to know in far more detail why the NHS is allegedly failing; how welfare, particularly of the aged, and the GP service can be properly integrated with the NHS; what needs to be done to improve the performance of the education system, with particular reference to the need for parental discipline and much more vocational grounding; and how to protect our democracy from political correctness and violent extremists.

My husband and I, though limited by age, and the Royal Family will seek to support individual and communal enterprise and to enhance British interests abroad.

As a family, we look forward to supporting the Commonwealth and our allies in the wider world and to welcoming heads of state to cement our relations.

My Lords and members of the House of Commons, this is perhaps the most crucial Parliament it has been my honour to inaugurate over the past 65 years. May God’s blessing rest on your deliberations and guide your judgments.”