Wired for future

THE neglect of rural communities has sadly been one of the by-products of 21st century life.

In one area, however, society has woken up to the need for improving rural infrastructure. Super-fast broadband connections can help to transform the way far-flung communities live, work and communicate.

That's why the installation of such a connection for the crew of the Humber lifeboat and their families – who live at the very tip of Spurn Point – is a major step forward. It will give them internet access 50 times faster than that of most domestic customers, which can only be rivalled by networks in Japan and South Korea.

In the long run though, it is about more than just the community of 22 people who live at Britain's only full-time lifeboat station. If similarly small-scale installations can be achieved in other parts of Yorkshire, as claimed by Fibrestream, which is installing the fibre optic cable, then rural life can be improved immeasurably.

It is such displays of creativity that will help to lead the county out of recession and into a prosperous future.