YP Letters: Bikes chaos no surprise amid police inaction

Do there need to be more traffic police?

Do there need to be more traffic police?

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From: Nigel Bywater, Oak Grove, Morley.

IT shouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone that a group of around 50 off-road motorcycles and quad bikes could bring Kirkstall Road, a major route into Leeds, to a standstill (The Yorkshire Post, November 1). A Facebook gathering that resembled a Mad Max film saw our police force helpless.

The Daily Mail reported that In just 90 minutes, no fewer than 17 drivers were spotted illegally using mobiles on a busy M20 motorway. The total number of casualties in Leeds of all severities in 2015 was 7,224, up by four per cent from 6,940 recorded in 2014.

The Roundhay Road – Harehills Lane junction is one of the most dangerous in Leeds. I drive through that junction every day; I see drivers running red lights, or making illegal right turns almost every day. But yet I have never seen a police response. The number of traffic police has declined over recent years. Do we need more traffic police, or more cameras? What needs to happen before the police take action?

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