YP Letters: Charging city motorists makes my blood boil

Gridlock in Leeds.
Gridlock in Leeds.
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From: Ernest Lundy, Leeds.

I SUPPOSE I am not the first person to mention the new plans for roads in the city of Leeds.

As if the roads in this great city are not already antiquated and made worse by the infernal road systems forced upon us by an unsympathetic council a few years ago, the latest news is enough to make the blood of the average driver boil in anger.

In line with London, Leeds is among other places where it is intended to make charges on all vehicles entering city centres, and wait for it.... Leeds has been chosen as a place to test the idea. City of Culture, indeed.

I would rather have a city of common sense in which collecting cash from already overstretched motorists, under the guise of relieving congestion and fumes, is not a prime objective.

By the way I completely forgot to mention the suggested charge... £8.

But assuming the unlikely situation where motorists 
were able and willing to pay 
and the congestion continued, what then would be the answer?