‘Our criminal justice system has gone to pot’

Sir Bernard Ingham
Sir Bernard Ingham
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Britain’s criminal justice system has gone to pot, Sir Bernard Ingham claims today.

Sir Bernard, who was Margaret Thatcher’s press secretary at 10 Downing Street, laid the blame at the door of “paragons of liberal virtue” who, he claimed, had carried out an effective demolition job on the nation.

Writing in the Yorkshire Post, he said: “Our pathetic liberal establishment has, over the years, done a superbly effective demolition job on a respectable and responsible nation.

“It continued to ensure the rubble is perpetuated.”

He went on: “They have destroyed any sense of shame by their insistence that there is always a sociological explanation for individual criminality.

“We are all victims, including gangsters with guns shot by the police - individual human beings with a will of our own who should know right from wrong and live within the law.”

Sir Bernard said they now find ways of keeping “the burgeoning criminal class they have created by producing assorted ways of keeping them out of prison”.

“And then, these paragons of liberal virtue ensure we harbour foreign dregs - as if we did not have enough of our own by pleading, all too often successfully, before wet, nay, waterlogged judges some human right that deportation would offend.”

Sir Bernard added: “All this adds up to one incredible conclusion: our criminal justice system has gone to pot.”

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