Outraged by Balding dash

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From: Pauline Balmforth, Halifax.

I AM one of those who should have complained about the BBC’s snowboarding coverage at the Winter Olympics (Tom Richmond, Yorkshire Post, February 15). I turned off the sound frequently.

Clare Balding also drove me wild speaking at racehorse speed. She was unintelligible most of the time – speaking over the loudspeaker announcers made hearing anything worse. How great to have Robin Cousins and Sue Barker at the ice skating arena, letting us enjoy the skating, hear the music, and when they do speak, every word is appropriate and crystal clear.

From: Hugh Rogers, Ashby, Scunthorpe.

WHY all the fuss about BBC commentators’ coverage of the Winter Olympics? It is not as if Britain, or indeed the United Kingdom, is even taking part. The nearest we get to appears to be something called “Team CB” which so far as I can gather stands for “Team Clare Balding”.

No applause

From: Anthony Ogus, Midgeley Lane, Goldsborough, North Yorkshire.

SO, Nick Ahad reviewing Errol John’s beautifully constructed and admirably acted play, finds it “almost inconsequential” and “loosely interwoven” (Yorkshire Post, February 14).

Why could he not understand the core theme of the play, that of people in miserable circumstances seeking a purpose in their lives? Was he asleep during the performance? The mistake in attributing authorship of the play to its director Michael Buffong is further evidence of his shortcomings as a critic.

School ties

From: Tim Logan, Halford Street, Leicester.

ANNA Soubry, the Tory MP and Minister, had a very rough ride on Radio 4’s Any Questions? the other week. It was about state versus private education.

Can we settle on one point – how many of the current Tory front bench were educated privately? The answer was not volunteered.