Passengers home but not quite where they planned to be after Monarch collapse

A number of Monarch passengers from Manchester have been left facing a further journey after being repatriated to Leeds Bradford Airport.

The first flight back to Leeds arrived at the airport at 4.03pm on Monday, just slightly later than its scheduled time, from Dalaman, in Turkey.

The majority of passengers said the repatriation had been well-organised, despite some being unable to fly to Manchester Airport.

Brian Smith, from Liverpool, said he first started hearing rumours about Monarch on Friday and realised he would not be able to get his flight home.

But he said it "wasn't a problem".

He said: "What they've done to get us home the way they did was great, except for me not being able to get to Manchester Airport."

Another passenger described the return trip as a "nightmare" and said the organisation at Dalaman Airport was "horrendous", with flights to Manchester and Leeds being combined.

Karen Garsides, from Hull, said: "There's Manchester people on a Leeds flight, I don't know the ins and outs of that but we know there's Manchester people on."

She added: "At the end of the day we've got home."

But other passengers praised the organisation.

Anne Stocker, from Menston, said: "There was a bit of a queue at Dalaman but, other than that, it's all been fine.

"There was a plane waiting for us, it all went smoothly.

"Whoever's organised it has done a very good job."

Another passenger added: "It was fantastic, the plane was fantastic, it all ran smoothly.

"But I'm shocked about Monarch, really, really shocked. I can't believe it because they are one of the best airlines I've travelled with."

Aviation minister Lord Callanan met passengers on the Dalaman flight as it landed at Leeds and said they were happy with the journey.

He said: "The people I spoke to were very positive, they thought the repatriation went very well."

He added: "We expected there might be some teething problems but, from what people tell me, it went well."

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