Pizza-label 'prank' in Yeates case

Sick pranksters sent a hand-written note containing a pizza label to the pub where murdered Joanna Yeates was last seen alive.

The letter was sent by post to the Ram pub on Park Street in Bristol a couple days after her body was found.

Miss Yeates was seen on CCTV buying a pizza on her way home on the night she disappeared.

The letter, written on a page from a notepad, included a pizza label but not that of the Tesco pizza purchased by Miss Yeates.

Bristol Ram landlord Alex Major said: "I can confirm we received a letter via the post on Monday 27, the first Monday after Christmas. There was a pizza label inside, but it wasn't a Tesco label."

The letter had a made-up address and telephone number written on it but had not been signed. It made reference to different pizza toppings and stated Miss Yeates's name, but did not make direct reference to her murder.

Miss Yeates' body was found on Christmas Day.

Police took the letter away to be analysed.