Police caution charity conwoman aged just 12

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A GIRL aged just 12 has been caught conning money out of members of the public by pretending to be collecting money for a cancer charity.

The schoolgirl was reported to police after she approached a woman in Brighouse, West Yorkshire, on March 18, and asked her to donate.

Elaine Walton gave the girl £5 but was suspicious so checked up on her by ringing the school she claimed to be from - where someone confirmed she was not a pupil and the school wasn’t raising money for cancer research.

Mrs Walton reported her to the police - who have confirmed that the girl was dealt with by a “community resolution”, and will have to pay back the money.

Ms Walton told: “I was approached by a young white girl aged around 10 or 11.

She had a school uniform on and said she was asking for sponsors for Cancer Trust.

“She had lots of names on the form.

“It would have been my husband’s 54th birthday and he was on my mind as he died from Cancer in August last year and because my heart is close to this charity I signed the form and gave the girl £5 which she put in a plastic bag to take back to school.

“When I got back to my office I rang Bradford Grammar School (the girl said she was from there). They had never heard of this girl and she certainly was not at their school and the school was not collecting for cancer Trust. I dont think was the only person tricked by this young girl.”

Police enquiries were made and they managed to track down the girl and cautioned her.

Inspector David Shaw, of the Lower Valley Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “We received one call shortly after 8.30am on Tuesday, March 18, reporting concerns about a girl collecting money in Brighouse town centre.

“The girl said she was collecting money for a cancer charity and gave details of her name and school she attended. The caller handed money over and signed a form but on making further enquiries found there was no girl of the name given registered at that school. A search was made of the area but the girl was not located.

“Following further enquiries by officers from the Neighbourhood Policing Team, the girl involved was identified and has been issued with a community resolution. The 12-year-old will also be paying back the money taken.”