Brexit and the EU Referendum

UK promise to ‘safeguard EU workers’ as Brexit negotiations begin

THERESA MAY will tell European leaders her plan to offer European Union citizens living in the UK safeguards over their rights  later this week after Brussels insisted the issue must be settled before talks on future trade relations can get under way.

David Davis is negotiating our exit from the EU.

Brexit ‘divorce bill’ from EU to be settled ahead of trade talks

THE BREXIT talks began with a major concession to the European Union over the timetable for the discussions.

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What now for Brexit?

YP Letters: Brexit not matter of life and death when it comes to priorities

From: John Cole, Oakroyd Terrace, Baildon, Shipley.

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Chancellor Philip Hammond will seek to reassure businesses over Brexit cash.

Philip Hammond bids to reassure city over investment funding in run-up to Brexit

Chancellor Philip Hammond will seek to reassure businesses they will still be able to get access to investment funding as Britain withdraws from the European Union.

Former Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg.

YP Letters: Backing Lib Dem candidates is not a vote for our rivals

From: Salli A Martlew, Crofton.

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Theresa May called the June 8 election because of Brexit.

YP Letters: Democracy is in danger if the rich and powerful hold sway

From: John Cole, Oakroyd Terrace, Baildon, Bradford.

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Theresa May campaigning in Abingdon on Monday.

Chris Moncrieff: Theresa May is no Mrs T, but she’s still a tough nut

THERESA May is being hailed as the Conservative Party’s new Margaret Thatcher.

Prime Minister Theresa May during a campaign visit to York Barbican.  (PA).

YP Letters: Britons on Continent would be bargaining chips under Labour

From: Roger Whitaker, Hardwick Road, Pontefract.

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Michael Heseltine's position on Brexit reveals Tory splits.

YP Letters: We should heed Brexit wisdom and experience of Lord Heseltine

From: John Cole, Oakroyd Terrace, Baildon.

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Former Ukip leader Nigel Farage. Does his party need a name change?

YP Letters: Pie-in-the-sky Ukip needs to change name

From: John Fisher, Menwith Hill, Harrogate.

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Britain goes to the polls on June 8.

YP Letters: Nation divided by uncompromising attitudes to Brexit

From: Brian Sheridan, Redmires Road, Sheffield.

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Theresa May wants a personal mandate for her Brexit strategy.

YP Letters: Our national broadcasters should adopt ‘Brexit-free days’

From: Max Nottingham, St Faith’s Street, Lincoln.

Can Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn defy political gravity in the election?

YP Letters: Election call as there may be trouble ahead

From: Roger Backhouse, Upper Poppleton, York.

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Britain has started 'divorce' talks with the EU.

YP Letters: It’s a waste of our time trying to negotiate with the EU

From: Don Wood, Howden.

Remain campaigner Anna Soubry MP continues to divide opinion.

YP Letters: Irresponsible ideologues seek to drive us to ‘hard Brexit’

From: John Cole, Oakroyd Terrace, Baildon, Shipley.

Theresa May after stunning the country by calling a snap election.

Mark Stuart: Theresa May and her cunning election plan – what it means

UP until now, the Prime Minister has been a politician constrained. Left to clean up her predecessor’s mess on Brexit and hemmed in by her tiny majority, Theresa May has been quietly plotting a way out of this political straitjacket. By calling a General Election on June 8, she has with one bound, broken free of these constraints and now holds nearly all the aces in comparison with her political opponents.

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Will Brexit hit the economy?

YP Letters: We must be resolute against any EU obstruction of Brexit

From: Nick Martinek, Briarlyn Road, Huddersfield.

Prime Minister Theresa May greets European Council president Donald Tusk outside 10 Downing Street, London, ahead of Brexit talks.

YP Letters: Blair to blame as Tories look to clear up mess north of border

From: Alan Chapman, Beck Lane, Bingley.

What will Brexit mean for rural Yorkshire?

Ross Murray: Urgent fight for EU deal in countryside

THE UK is leaving the European Union. It is a decisive, historic, moment but the clarity we investors crave for is somewhat lacking.

Lib Dem leader Tim Farron.

YP Letters: Lib Dems’ united front could well reap electoral rewards

From: Michael Meadowcroft, Former Liberal MP, Waterloo Lane, Leeds.

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