EU Referendum

EU Referendum

YP Letters: Put interests of our own citizens first in Brexit negotiations

From: MR Gilbert, Thongsbridge, Holmfirth.

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Tony Blair.

YP Letters: Blair’s ambitions for new EU vote will sink without trace

From: Gordon Lawrence, Sheffield.

Theresa May with Jean-Claude Juncker.

Bill Carmichael: It’s time that we called Juncker’s Brexit bluff

THE unelected president of the European Commission popped up this week to warn that the UK faces a “very hefty” bill for Brexit.

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Tony Blair's Brexit intervention has not been welcomed.

YP Letters: Blair joins chorus of moaning from bad losers of Brexit

From: Geoff Atkinson, Whitby.

The NHS could not function without migrant staff, says Melody Redman.

Melody Redman: Don’t drive away EU medics who keep our NHS afloat

“DON’T worry love, I will look after you”.

Members of the House of Lords debate Brexit.

Pauline Neville-Jones: Brexit must leave the country united

I VOTED to remain and I regret, but certainly accept the outcome of the referendum. There is a wide perception around the country, even among the remainers, that we now need to get on with the negotiation under Article 50.

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Tony Blair delivering his speech in defence of the EU.

YP Letters: Blair’s ‘rise up’ call over Brexit has echoes of Third World

From: Jim Pike, Nursery Close, Alwoodley, Leeds.

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Prime Minister Theresa May sits behind the speaker (far right) as Baroness Williams of Trafford speaks in the House of Lords, London, during a debate on the Brexit Bill.

Nigel Lawson: Brexit will be no trade disaster

I WARMLY welcome this important Bill on Article 50. We now need to be clear about the way ahead. The White Paper states that the Government will seek “an ambitious and comprehensive Free Trade Agreement and a new customs agreement” with the European Union.

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The columns of Sir Bernard Ingham still resonate with readers.

YP Letters: Sir Bernard’s wise words are welcome

From: Alan Chapman, Bingley.

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Human beings have become bargaining chips in the Brexit debate.

Greg Wright: It’s wrong to use families as pawns in Brexit game

HUMAN beings should never be used as bargaining chips.

Brexit dominates the political debate.

YP Letters: Brexit result was protest vote against all governments

From: Alan Walker, King George Avenue, Morley, Leeds.

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The House of Lords debates Brexit this week.

William Wallace: Out-of depth May in thrall to authoritarian Tory right

THE House of Lords has an entirely legitimate role to play in scrutinising the Government’s approach to Brexit. Our role as a revising chamber is to examine the rationale for the proposals Bills contain.

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Tory peer Anne McIntosh.

Anne McIntosh: Time the great challenge in Brexit talks

TODAY, peers will be asked to scrutinise and adopt the Bill giving notice of the UK’s intention to leave the European Union.

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Will Brexit be good for the environment or not?

YP Letters: Brexit no barrier to better environmental protection in UK

From: Gordon Lawrence, Sheffield.

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair during his speech on Brexit at an Open Britain event in central London.

YP Comment: Fatal flaws in Blair’s Brexit – stop patronising the electorate

IT DID not take long for Tony Blair’s call for a people’s movement against Brexit to be mocked – and with considerable justification.

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EU supremo Jean Claude-Juncker is accused of being inflexible over freedom of movement.

YP Letters: EU was the architect of own Brexit downfall

From: Coun Paul Andrews (Ind), Malton Ward, Ryedale Council.

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The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, addresses the General Synod at Church House in London.

Bill Carmichael: Archbishop’s ‘fascist’ jibe over Brexit is typical of a sneering elite

WHEN the Archbishop of Canterbury is forced to take to Twitter to deny he had branded almost half the electorate as “fascist”, you know the Church of England has landed itself in an unholy mess once again.

Opinion 7
Wakefield MP Mary Creagh voted against the triggering of Article 50 when her constituents backed Brexit by a large margin. Was she right to do so?

YP Letters: The MP who stuck to her principles in voting against Brexit

From: Michael McGowan, Former Labour MEP for Leeds.

Open Europe chairman Roland Rudd has been accused of insulting Yorkshire voters over Brexit.

YP Letters: Brighter future for Britain without EU shackles

From: Rhona Hartley, Shadwell Lane, Leeds.

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Sovereignty will be returned to Parliament as a result of Brexit.

YP Letters: Attempts to derail Brexit strengthen case

From: Graham Wood, York.

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