PM: “I think I should tell it how it is” over EU vote

David Cameron was in Leeds yesterday to speak to readers of The Yorkshire Post
David Cameron was in Leeds yesterday to speak to readers of The Yorkshire Post
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DAVID Cameron insists he is confident the EU referendum will not become a poll on the Government’s or his personal popularity.

Some on the Remain side have expressed fears that Mr Cameron’s leadership of the campaign will lead some voters to use the referendum to give the Government a bloody nose.

Asked whether he should have remained neutral in the referendum, the Prime Minister said: “Undoubtedly my life would be simpler in terms of unifying my party and managing all of this if I had just said ‘well there’s a strong case on both sides, it’s a very balanced judgement, on balance I think we should stay’.

“The only problem with that is I don’t believe it. I actually think the case for staying in a reformed Europe is much much stronger and I think the dangers of leaving are very real and it’s just not my style to not be direct and frank and be on the front foot about it.

“I really believe what I’m saying.”

Mr Cameron added: “I don’t think people are using it as a proxy for other arguments and I hope that they won’t.

“You can only be Prime Minister in the way you think you ought to be Prime Minister and I think I should tell it as it is and I think I’ve negotiated a good deal.

“I think we would be damaged if we left Europe, I think the opportunities if we stay in are actually quite great and I think we should emphasise that.

“You can almost feel companies holding back investment they want to go ahead with and I want to go out there and make that case.”