Referendum round-up: Debating debates

David Cameron at his press conference today
David Cameron at his press conference today
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AHEAD of tonight’s big TV ‘debate’ on the EU where David Cameron and Nigel Farage will not even share the same stage, the focus of the campaign has turned to the lack of a genuine head to head debate.

Irked by claims made by Vote Leave yesterday, David Cameron called a press conference this morning to criticise his opponents for misleading voters.

This in turn irked his Conservative colleagues Michael Gove and Boris Johnson who called on the PM to debate with a “Vote Leave spokesman”.

The Prime Minister has been reluctant to take part in a so-called “blue-on-blue” clash but tonight’s ITV non-debate debate is only likely to fuel the debate over debates.

Cameron challenged to head-to-head debate ahead of Farage clas

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Even before the non-debate debate, Nigel Farage found himself on the defensive as the Archbishop of Canterbury attacked comments he made at the weekend.

Farage under fire from Archbishop over sex attack remarks

Lord Mandelson and Sajid Javid were today’s unlikely team of the referendum campaign as they appeared together to warn that business would face extra cost from Brexit.

Mandelson makes tax’ claim as Remain focuses on economy

And from our opinion pages, former MP Elizabeth Peacock on why she’s voting Leave.

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