Sketch: Are Minions backing Remain?

Are Minions Labour In For Britain supporters?
Are Minions Labour In For Britain supporters?
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WHO KNEW that Minions will be voting Remain when the country decides whether it should remain in the European Union.

Who, indeed, knew that Minions, even have the vote?

These were the two equally surprising revelations that emerged when Jeremy Corbyn joined South Yorkshire MPs Ed Miliband, Caroline Flint and Rosie Winterton to speak it front of shoppers in the centre of Doncaster.

It is now a standard tactic on the part of political campaigns to have a phalanx of supporters behind the principal speakers carrying banners and balloons with their key slogans in the hope of getting them on pictures and TV news.

And among the Labour In For Britain supporters carefully arranged behind Mr Corbyn and his colleagues was a Minion waving his banner.

For the uninitiated, Minions are the small, yellow, dungaree-clad goggle-wearing, nonsense-talking stars of the Despicable Me film adored by millions of young children around the world.

And here was one, outside Yorkshire Bank, on St Sepulchre Gate, on a Friday afternoon supporting Labour’s campaign to stay in the EU.

Disappointingly, on closer inspection it turned out this was someone in a costume.

And the deception did not end there, because he was not a Labour In For Britain supporter but a man employed by a local shop to carry a sign up and down the street advertising its wares.

When this shop gave this a man a job, and handed him his Minion costume, did they realise they had employed an entrepreneurial individual who would spot a chance to get their name on national television by infiltrating high street-based political events?

Thanks to him the country now knows where to go for “comic collectibles, funko pop, figures, plushes and more”.

World of Pop, give that man a pay rise.