TUC claims Brexit will hit the NHS

Frances O'Grady
Frances O'Grady
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Leaving the EU could unleash a staffing crisis in the NHS as well as record waiting lists, a union leader will claim today.

Frances O’Grady, general secretary of the TUC, is to launch a bitter attack on the Leave campaign as a group of “fibbers, fakes and phonies.”

A study by the union organisation shows that the annual reduction to government revenue in 2019/20 as a result of Brexit is likely to be equivalent to 25 per cent of the entire NHS budget.

She will tell a rally in London: “How dare the hard right Tories and Ukip who run the Leave campaigns pose as NHS champions. Let’s be honest, they love the NHS in the way that Dracula loves a blood bank.

“Funding for the NHS depends on Britain’s economy doing well. Leaving the EU will put the economy in trouble, and that will put the NHS in trouble.”