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David Behrens: Public pay should show we value nurses more than mandarins

Philip Hammond, who was, last time I checked, still the Chancellor, got into dreadful trouble last weekend for daring to suggest, in a leaked conversation, that workers in the public sector were paid too much.

If Winston Churchill could bury his differences in the national interest, surely Theresa May and her Cabinet can do the same? (PA).

Tom Richmond: Politicians should bridge party divide over Brexit

GIVEN how politicians came together at a time of war when Britain’s liberty was at stake, why are they incapable of doing so when it comes to one of the most significant peacetime challenges of all?

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Barnsley East MP Stephanie Peacock

Stephanie Peacock interview: 'The magic of walking into Parliament never goes away'

Aged just 30, Stephanie Peacock has joined the latest wave of younger MPs gradually changing the face of Parliament. The new MP for Barnsley East speaks to Kate Langston about the challenges of winning over a new constituency and navigating the rabbit warrens of Westminster.
Picture shows the sunset at the Humber Bridge, East Yorkshire at the end of a summers day.

Fresh call to scrap Humber Bridge charges

Business leaders have called for the Humber Bridge toll to be scrapped.

The merits of HS2 has divided public opinion.

YP Letters: HS2 so much more than a vanity project

From: Ken Redshaw, Harrogate.

A copy of the Bill to trigger article 50, in front of the Houses of the Parliament in London. (PA).

YP Letters: We must never bend the knee to EU rules on our bananas

From: Gordon Lawrence, Sheffield.


YP Comment: Lib Dems at a crossroads

It was assumed that Sir Vince Cable would be unveiled as the new Liberal Democrats leader at the party’s conference in September. However, given the conspicuous lack of challengers, and with potential rivals such as Jo Swinson, Norman Lamb and Sir Ed Davey having already ruled out standing, the party has pressed ahead with Sir Vince’s ‘coronation’.

Members of Women Against State Pension Inequality. They are opposed to the Governments handling of measures to equalise the state pension age.

Greg Wright: Millions should not have to face pension inequality

THE magic money tree is a hardy perennial. During the election campaign, Theresa May tried to convince us that this tree is simply a figment of her political opponents’ imaginations. However, politicians have a knack of re-discovering the tree and stripping it bare to save their political careers.

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Is scrapping tuition fees the best answer? (PA).

Martin Raby: Scrapping fees is not best value for education

WHAT now for university tuition fees? Critics of the current fees policy argue that one of the world’s leading economies ought to be able to fund university tuition for free, and point to Germany as an exemplar. But German universities do charge administrative fees, and participation by young people is much lower than in this country.

The planned upgrade of the main line connecting Sheffield to London has been scrapped, sparking widespread criticism. (JPress).

YP Comment: Rail users are betrayed again - Broken promise on £500m plan

The Government’s cancellation of the planned upgrade of a key railway line between Yorkshire and London represents nothing less than a £500m broken promise to this county and its long-suffering train passengers.

Lord Haskins

Key transport route to be improved as Humber LEP sets out record

A MAJOR investment to cut congestion along a key route through Hull has been announced.

EU chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier, right, poses with British Secretary of State David Davis

UK calls for greater ‘flexibility’ as Brussels warns of ‘fundamental’ disagreements in Brexit talks

Brexit Secretary David Davis has called on European officials to show some “flexibility” in crucial talks over the rights of EU citizens and the UK’s “divorce bill” after the British government was accused of lacking clarity on its negotiating position.

President Trump's visit to France was seen by many as a success. (AP).

YP Letters: Trump’s special French relationship

From: David Craggs, Goldthorpe, South Yorkshire

Tony Blair's government introduced the National Mimimum Wage. (PA).

YP Letters: The laws of nature have been kicked into touch in the UK

From: John Watson, Rohan Court, Leyburn.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

REVEALED: The 5 seats Labour are targeting in Yorkshire

Morley and Outwood, Pudsey and Scarborough are among the five Yorkshire seats being targeted by Labour this summer as Jeremy Corbyn readies the party for another snap election.

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Villagers protest at proposals for 3,000 homes

Campaigners vowed they will continue the fight against proposals for 3,000 new homes in a North Yorkshire village until the first brick is laid, as they protested recommendations for the plans outside council offices.

Sheffield MP brands rail decision a "betrayal"

Sheffield MP brands rail decision a "betrayal"

THE planned upgrade of the main line connecting Sheffield to London was scrapped today.
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Outcry from people in 40s facing longer wait to retire

THE GOVERNMENT has been accused of “picking the pockets” of millions of people in their forties after announcing that anyone born between 1970 and 1978 will have to wait for an extra year before receiving their state pension.

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More than 80,000 migrants, including many children, have already crossed the Mediterranean this year. (AP).

Peter Garsden: Chance to redeem our shameful past

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse consists of 13 separate investigations into historical child abuse. One of those has now been moved forward, as its victims may not be around for much longer to tell their stories.

The Shimmer Estate in Mexborough which is to be demolished to make way for HS2. (Picture Scott Merrylees).

Jayne Dowle: HS2 on wrong track if it fails to spread the benefit

Am I the only one missing a connection? In all the arguments I’ve had on the subject of HS2, the major plus-point I’ve accepted is that we would end up with a new station here in South Yorkshire to whizz us directly to London in super-fast time. And of course, to whizz London directly to us, so that we can all enjoy mutual economic, employment, social and cultural opportunities.

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