Praise for hospital logistics

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From: John Gordon, Whitcliffe Lane, Ripon.

A RECENT visit to a local hospital made me see the NHS in a new light.

The logistics of running a hospital are amazing. Every movement has to be calculated even when the A&E cannot be predicted.

When I was in a four-man ward, there was never an empty space. As one patient left, another arrived.

No shift was the same, meals had to be ordered, medicine had to be dispensed and the staff had to be rotated to give rest periods. A very extensive pool of staff has to cope with the different changes.

Doctors rely on all these factors operating smoothly. I left full of admiration for the NHS.

Directing the traffic

From: Terry Morrell, Prunus Avenue, Willerby.

WITH reference to York traffic (Yorkshire Post, April 9), there is no doubt that the three-pronged attack on the problem over the years of park-and-ride, ring road improvements and high city centre parking charges has improved the situation considerably.

However, when I moved to the city in 1961, I suggested that if a “clockwise one-way system, with no direct crossing entries into or out of the city” was established the traffic would flow much better. It is still not too late to consider such a simple cheap option and then the continuous hold-ups at the various intersections would disappear overnight.

Bradford pride

From: John Wilson, Wilsons Solicitors, New Road Side, Horsforth.

MR Biggin’s letter (Yorkshire Post, April 6) was right but reet wordy. Bradford is a great place. We let others think otherwise else they would come here and spoil it.