Prince’s freedom to speak out shows democracy in action

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From: Alec Denton, Guiseley, Leeds.

i FULLY agree with Tom Richmond’s remarks (The Yorkshire Post, July 5). It is quite ridiculous that the Left should criticise Prince Charles for having an opinion and even worse, for daring to let Ministers know his opinion.

At a time when we are observing some very poignant anniversaries, it is good to remember that we are fortunate to live in a democracy where every one of us, even the Prince, has the right to both have and to express our opinions.

We should also remember 
that even our democracy is fragile, as was ably demonstrated by Tony Blair when he showed that Prime Ministers are not even obligated to take notice of other MPs.

I am quite sure that the Prince’s letters were treated with exactly the same respect as all the other letters received by the “Office of the PM”, but what the complaints reveal is the need to avoid another Labour government at all costs, even if that means supporting the current Prime Minister.

From: Ken Brooke, Leconfield, Beverley.

I REFER to the letter from Phillip Smith (The Yorkshire Post, July 3) regarding Prince Charles.

According to Mr Smith the sooner we become a Republic the better, well to use one of his quotations within his letter, “Well he would, wouldn’t he”?

I think Mr Smith should be reminded of the latest survey that was carried out in the United Kingdom, when 75 to 80 per cent supported the Royal Family against a Republic.

It is recognised that the Royal Family do much work for this country. Prince Charles, for example, founded the Prince’s Trust in 1976 and to date has raised millions of pounds to help 750,000 young people since its formation.

The Prince’s charities raise over £100m annually and he is the patron of numerous other charitable and arts organisations.

It is a shame that Mr Smith does not recognise the hard work our Royal Family commit themselves to, instead of the constant criticism he throws at them. I am sure he will appreciate the fact that they are not in a position to defend themselves, more’s the pity.

From: Keith Hill, Greenleafe Avenue, Doncaster.

LIKE Philip Smith of Beverley, (The Yorkshire Post, July 3), I cannot wait for Britain to become a republic. I just love bananas!