‘Question Time’ plan to build bridges

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BOSSES at Sheffield Council are aiming to get more people involved in decision-making by holding “Question Time-style” events in the city’s suburbs.

The “Meet the Cabinet” sessions will take place ahead of Community Assembly meetings throughout the rest of this year and into January 2013.

Topics for discussion, including a main theme for debate lasting around half an hour, will be drawn up by members of the public.

Leader of Sheffield Council, Julie Dore, said: “We’re determined that the council is not divorced from local people and their issues, which is why we introduced a new way of going out to listen and talk to communities about subjects that matter to them.

“Being elected councillors in our own communities, we appreciate first hand how important it is to give local residents and businesses opportunities to talk to us.

“Using community meetings as the base for these meetings will help us to focus the discussion on a single item that is important to that particular community, and no doubt these will differ in each area.

On behalf of the cabinet, I would like to thank community sssemblies in advance for giving us an opportunity to host the sessions.

“I hope Sheffielders will support this initiative and come and talk to us.”

The sessions will be held on Thursday, September 27 prior to the East Community Assembly; on Thursday, October 4 before the South Community Assembly; on Thursday, October 11 at the South East Community Assembly; on Thursday, October 18 before the South West Community Assembly; on Thursday, October 31 prior to the North East Community Assembly; on Tuesday, December 11 before the Northern Community Assembly and on Thursday, January 24 prior to the Central Community Assembly.

A council spokesman said yesterday that venues and times will be confirmed closer to the meeting dates.