Recruits should have got the boot, not a payout

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From: Geoffrey Thorpe, Lister Avenue, East Bowling, Bradford.

AFTER reading about the £100,000 payout to three RAF recruits (Yorkshire Post, November 25), this payout is disgusting.

If they could not drill the same as male recruits, they should have been dismissed from the RAF.

There are many young woman who have served in war zones and some have made the ultimate sacrifice. These young women have trained with male recruits which will include drilling, assault course training with the final training before being deployed to war zones. The MoD pays more compensation to non-combatants than the soldiers shot or maimed while in a war zone and it should be stopped.

The money paid to these women would have done more good being given to Help For Heroes.

If recruits cannot keep up they should be asked to leave, not sue because they pulled a few muscles.

From: Lester May, Reachview Close, Camden Town, London.

Compensation for female RAF recruits suffering from the effects of marching again shows the RAF to be out of step with the other services.

It is surely a story for April Fool’s Day – the day the RAF was founded in 1918.

After withdrawal from Afghanistan next year, the RAF will have four Typhoons based overseas.

In the UK, there will be some 220 combat jets along with 650 support aircraft which will be based at over 20 RAF air stations manned by 34,000 air force personnel.

The RAF will be considerably under-employed by the end of 2014. Personnel marching out of air base gates to civvy street should be the order of the day.