Reform required for Britain’s flawed electoral system

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From: John Fisher, Menwith Hill, Harrogate.

RECENT concern regarding our voting system and the wasted votes in areas dominated by one political party have emphasised the need for reform.

The first past the post method of electing our Government will allow the Conservative and Labour parties to dominate our Parliament for the foreseeable future.

Proportional representation as used by Scotland and many other democratic countries would allow our small and newly formed political parties to enter Parliament and grow with public support.

The Conservative and Labour parties are both opposed to proportional representation and that alone should raise questions in the minds of the electorate.

Had the Scottish Parliament opted for the first past the post system, there would be no Conservatives in the Parliament and the Conservatives quickly supported proportional representation.

The growing support for Ukip, despite a negative Press campaign, is a further sign that the public is becoming disenchanted with both Conservative and Labour governments.

Since our Parliamentary turkeys will not vote for Christmas, it is now time for voters to demonstrate their displeasure at being stuck with a voting system which rewards and maintains political incompetence and which denies the right of Parliamentary representation to small political parties.

From: Don Burslam, Elm Road, Dewsbury Moor, Dewsbury.

MR Billcliffe (The Yorkshire Post, April 25) has put his finger on the fundamentally undemocratic nature of our system.

With first past the post voting, very large numbers of votes are wasted in safe seats and, as he says, the result hinges on the outcome in the marginals like Dewsbury.

Of course there is one way of ensuring every vote counts and that is by adopting proportional representation.

It is a fair and simple way to ensure that all voters are effectively franchised in selecting who governs us and everyone has a say.

At the forthcoming general election, I, like tens of thousands of others, will consider voting tactically for a party I do not really support to frustrate another party I wish to be kept out of office at all costs. Doesn’t this typify our flawed system?

PR is already in use across the developed world and of course in European elections as well as Scotland.