Rescue boat will encourage drunk swimmers

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From: Mr SB Oliver, Heckmondwike.

YOU REPORTED (The Yorkshire Post, October 3) that York Council was considering acquiring a River Rescue Boat for use when intoxicated idiots decide to jump into the river.

I just wonder if they have thought through the possible consequences of this. The fact that North Yorkshire’s PCC, Julia Mulligan, is also considering the idea, does little to enhance the current opinions of the (in)effectiveness of the role of the police and crime commissioner.

Everybody knows that an excess of alcohol dulls judgement, reasoning, common-sense and logic, and induces behaviour to prove it. The problem is magnified when young drinkers are involved.

I don’t know how many people voluntarily jump into the river at York, but the cost of having a lifeboat on standby does seem to be excessive for the occasional idiotic reveller. I can foresee that once the availability of the boat is known to all, the incidents of drunken swimmers will rocket, especially in hot weather when the river is calm. Neither do I know if there is a law against this but there should be a fine of £750 for anyone jumping in the river as a prank and a further £1,000 fine if an emergency service is called to the incident.

Put the money towards a safety and education campaign.