Revealed: Streets with UK’s slowest broadband

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TWO streets in Yorkshire have among the slowest broadband speeds in the country, according to figures out today.

With a speed of 1.13Mbps, Prince Street in Allerton Bywater, West Yorkshire is 16 times slower than the UK average of 17.8Mbps, while Alexander Avenue, near Huntingdon Road, York fares only slightly better at 1.33Mbps.

At the other end of the scale Loundes Road, in the Derbyshire village of Unstone, enjoys the top speed in the UK - a whopping 57.58Mbps.

There homeowners can download a high definition movie in just nine minutes, compared to over 15 hours for those contending with the most sluggish speeds in the land.

The research by comparison website based on almost 2m speed tests run by users over six months found only 15 per cent of people are taking up “superfast” broadband of 30Mbps or higher. This is despite figures from Ofcom which say it is now available to nearly three-quarters of the population. Marie-Louise Abretti, from, said: “There are still areas which experience broadband speeds so slow the service is negligible. At the same time, superfast broadband connections are becoming more widely available but these are clearly not being utilised.”