Robber ordered to pay back gains

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AN ARMED robber has been ordered to pay back more than half a million pounds for his role in a jewellery heist in Sheffield.

The confiscation order under the Proceeds of Crime Act comes five years after a gang raided the UK Bullion shop in Ecclesall Road in July 2007.

Benjamin Murphy, from Mersey Road in Sale, Greater Manchester, is currently serving 12-and-a-half years in prison for his part in the £1.5m robbery.

He has now been ordered to pay back £504,000 within the next six months, or else serve an additional three years behind bars.

Murphy, 32, was previously wanted for his part in the armed robbery for a number of years following the arrest and charge of three other members of the gang, who were ordered to repay more than £1m in 2009.

They are currently serving prison sentences ranging between six and 10 years.

Graham Wragg, managed of the Economic Crime Unit, said yesterday: “Once again, this order proves that crime doesn’t pay.

“Criminals who profit from crime will be made to pay back that profit or face further terms of imprisonment.”

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