Royals in the line of sight

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From: Mr Nino Hoblyn, North Street, Caistor, Lincs.

NOW that the dust has settled and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have had time to consider their legal actions, perhaps they could consider extending a hand of profuse friendship to a photographer 
who thankfully only had them in the sights of his camera lens when, God forbid, it so could easily of been a telescopic sight mounted on a high-powered rifle in the hands of a professional sniper.

Queuing up for a better road

From: Andrew Mercer, Oxford Road, Guiseley.

NOW that the A65 improvements on the final stretch into Leeds have been completed, when is the city council going to get to grips with the appalling jams at Kirkstall and on the approach to the Horsforth ring road roundabout?

These queues are getting worse, making a mockery of the quicker journey time that the council has promised.

Also, when is the council going to reconfigure the traffic lights through Guiseley?

These are the primary cause of endless delays.

The Duke of Bluntness?

From: Rhys Thomas, Richmond.

GIVEN the Queen was clearly exasperated by the Government’s inability to deport hate preacher Abu Hamza (Yorkshire Post, September 27), does anyone know the view of the Duke of Edinburgh?

I’m sure he would have been far more blunt.