Scandal and MPs’ standards

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From: BT Paulding, Glebe Field Drive, Wetherby, Leeds.

one cannot help notice the difference between the vociferous way MPs have reacted regarding telephone tapping and how quietly they behaved in respect of their own expenses scandal.

One wonders what they are worried about and whether they have guilty consciences about the information that may be revealed.

It would have inspired more confidence if the expenses had been investigated by HMRC auditors, who after all deal with the rest of us, rather than people who are directly under the control of the Prime Minister.

The increase in petrol prices will, of course, leave the roads clear for the MPs to drive around in their expenses paid- for Jaguars. The rest of us will be able to watch them with envy.

Argument is full of holes

From: Brian Sturdy, Southwood Avenue, Honley, Holmfirth.

FURTHER to letters relating to potholes and poor road surfaces, might I suggest that rather than spend money creating traffic calming surfaces, money be spent repairing these potholes first.

Too many councils are jumping on the band wagon of the severe winter conditions as an excuse for the breaking up of road surfaces when these roads were in a very poor state before the winter set in because of a lack of maintenance.