Search to find leak after MP pictured on iPad

Amber Valley MP Nigel Mills.
Amber Valley MP Nigel Mills.
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House of Commons authorities have launched a whistleblower search after an MP was forced to apologised when he was caught playing on his iPad during parliamentary work.

Nigel Mills was caught enjoying the Candy Crush Saga game when he should have been paying attention during a Work and Pensions Committee evidence session.

The pictures, published in The Sun newspaper, prompted a parliamentary investigation to find out who broke strict photography and filming rules.

The Amber Valley MP, who has been issued with a tablet at the taxpayers’ expense, initially told the newspaper he would merely “try” not to be diverted by the game again.

Mr Mills later said: “I apologise unreservedly for my behaviour at the committee meeting and realise it fell short of what is expected of a Member of Parliament.

“I guarantee it will not happen again. It is a fantastic privilege to represent Amber Valley and I hope constituents will continue to support my campaigns such as lower taxes for hardworking people.”

Prime Minister David Cameron described Mr Mills as a “hardworking” politician, adding that he was sure he would “work even harder in future”.

One of Mr Mills’ senior colleagues, Sir Edward Leigh, has suggested that he was only trying to “keep himself awake” during a boring committee meeting.

TaxPayers’ Alliance spokesman John O’Connell said: “This is nonsense on stilts. If the Parliamentary Authorities have the time and money to waste on this pointless inquiry, then clearly we need to have another look at the size of their budget.”

Commons rules state that: “No one should photograph, film or sketch or have their voice recorded anywhere within the Parliamentary Estate without permission.