Seeing red over dangerous and selfish cyclists

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From: Roger Livesey, Menston Hall, Menston, Leeds.

I’M pleased that Tom Richmond has, as so often the case, said what needs to be said in his comment (Yorkshire Post, August 17) about cyclists going through red lights.

The issue of careless or dangerous cyclists needs to be addressed.

However, with the euphoria of the “Yorkshire Tour de France” etc they are getting worse, but to criticise them increasingly provokes a response not unlike the accusation of racism if you dare to say anything done by a particular ethnic community is wrong.

It’s not just a matter of cyclists ignoring “rules” we motorists have to obey; increasingly they hold up traffic by riding two or more abreast and, even singly, riding a couple of yards from the kerb .

I’m aware, of course, of the “safety” arguments they
put forward to justify this behaviour.

However, dare to give them a polite “peep” and an obscene gesture is often the response.

Horse riders are far more appreciative and polite and I slow for them and wait till I can pass wide, with pleasure.

From: Andrew Mercer, Guiseley, Leeds.

While travelling on the Kirkstall Road into Leeds on Sunday morning, I noticed a police patrol was filming motorists exceeding 30mph on the dual carriageway when there was hardly any traffic about.

They were ignoring the cyclists who were riding along the pavement, when there is a perfectly good cycle lane, and
the irresponsible rider who ignored a red light.

Tom Richmond (Yorkshire Post, August 17) is right. Irresponsible cycling needs to be targeted by the police.