September 2: Dangerous ways of bad school-run parking

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From: Jane Cooper, Personal Injury Lawyer, Slater and Gordon, Sheffield.

IT’S back to school time and unfortunately for some that also means a return to illegal, inconsiderate and downright dangerous parking. As a parent of school age children myself, I have seen first-hand the hazards created by people seemingly oblivious to the dangers of stopping right outside the school gates to drop off or pick up their children.

Yellow zig-zag lines with a ‘School – Keep Clear’ message are at the majority of school entrances and exits so youngsters can have a clear, unobstructed view when they are crossing the road. Although I’m sure most people who are guilty of this would protest that they only stop there for a minute, it only takes a split second 
for a collision to happen and, 
as the driver, they could be 
held liable.

Small children cannot see around or above parked cars which are also a hazard for other drivers on these often busy roads. Local authorities are starting to take action to tackle this troubling problem and CCTV enforcement vehicles – or ‘spy cars’ – are increasingly being seen patrolling hot spot areas and handing out automatic fines.

These measures may help, but there is still no substitute for common sense.