September 3: Stunned to see salary for new police chief

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From: Hugh Rogers, Messingham Road, Ashby.

I WAS amused to read Tom Richmond’s piece (The Yorkshire Post, August 29) about the National Police Chiefs’ Council.

Still it’s nice to know that this really is a newly formed body and that I wasn’t going mad when I said I hadn’t heard of it before. Presumably ACPO is dead, though it is unclear what it did to deserve such a fate. While I was working at the Home Office, we had a bit of a soft spot for this boys’ club for Chief Constables.

How much good the new talking shop will do remains to be seen, but I was stunned to see that its chief is paid £185,000 a year. By any measure, this is an astonishing amount of dosh for someone whose only achievement so far has been to create a load of bad publicity for herself and her new employer.

From: Peter Hyde, Kendale Drive, Driffield.

THE shortage of police patrols in East Yorkshire is very apparent. On a journey from York to Driffield, I witnessed some appalling examples of driving. Who cares? Not the powers-that-be. Yet do two or three miles an hour over the limit, where there is a camera, and you will have to pay for a speed awareness course. Road traffic law, as applied in our area, is a hit and miss affair at best, and a shambles at worst.