Shamed to welcome Tibet’s cruel oppressors

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From: John Copperthwaite, St Chad’s Road, Far Headingley.

YET again our political masters have chosen to entertain evil dictators in this country – this time it is China’s Premier Li Keqiang and his entourage.

Not content with their own lack of morals and principles, the Prime Minister and his government wickedly place our beloved Queen Elizabeth in the invidious and unenviable position of having to offer a hand of friendship in an official welcome.

These evil dictators of China continue to pursue the barbaric acts of all previous regimes over the past 60 years with their illegal occupation of Tibet.

They are responsible for their own actions and for those of previous regimes, which amount to crimes against humanity, and for which they have never admitted or even attempted to make recompense.

The list of barbarous acts is endless. Over one million Tibetans murdered, parents tortured and killed while their children watch, innocent civilians imprisoned and held in leg irons for years, 6,000 monasteries destroyed, crops and land laid waste, wells contaminated beyond use, Tibetan language outlawed and its entire culture destroyed. It is sickening in the extreme and I bow my head in shame to all long-suffering Tibetans.